Posted by: Rae

Ambiance - 10/19/04 01:23 AM

The screenshots we've seen thus far have looked very intriguing, and during her interview with Ms Liu, Laura mentioned that the graphics were something quite extraordinary. How would you describe the "feel" of this game in regards to environment and as we call it, "eye candy"?
Posted by: Eric Safar

Re: Ambiance - 10/19/04 03:38 PM

The strongest point of this new series is the “dream-like” nature of the game achieved by the stunning graphics and original story.

We always try to take the hand of the player and take them on a “dream sequence.” The fantasy inspired graphics, captivating story and the fact that there is no violence or rivers of blood, will make Atlantis Evolution a pleasure to play. We will take the player on a journey they can truly enjoy and put a smile on their faces.