Atlantis airships

Posted by: Jenny100

Atlantis airships - 10/19/04 12:39 PM

The Atlantis airships that were used in the previous Atlantis games make a reappearance in Atlantis Evolution, at least as an icon. And one of the graphics in the game includes a picture of Atlantis' destruction with these ships flying around. So even though Atlantis Evolution is a completely new series, you are making some connection to the past Atlantis games. Are there other ways in which you make a connection to the earlier games, or is the use of the airships an isolated occurence?
Posted by: Eric Safar

Re: Atlantis airships - 10/20/04 08:48 AM

Hi Jenny !!

This ship is probably the most emblematic symbol of the series!! I really love this flying boat.. For me, it's a piece of a dream and a magnificent symbol of liberty.

Atlantis is before everything else a game about Dream.

The flying boat makes a reappearance in Atlantis Evolution, but not only as an icon !!! There is a surprise at the end of the game.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Atlantis airships - 10/20/04 09:20 AM

I thought I was curious about this before. Now I'm REALLY CURIOUS.