Is the Game Film-like?

Posted by: Becky

Is the Game Film-like? - 10/21/04 12:55 AM

In addition to cutscenes, is there anything special about Atlantis Evolution that makes it more film-like than other games?
Posted by: Eric Safar

Re: Is the Game Film-like? - 10/21/04 01:56 PM

L’ensemble du jeu est beaucoup plus vivant qu’avant. Nous avons essayé de faire en sorte que les décors soient animés le plus souvent possible. Parfois pour aider le joueur dans la quête d’indice mais souvent uniquement pour le plaisirs d’avoir plus de vie.

The all video game is more full of life than before. We have done our best to set the game in stylized fantasy based 3D environments with Real-Time 3D elements (i.e. water).
It brings a fresh approach to the graphical style of the characters and environments. For instance, many of the environments are photorealistic with a lot of attention to detail. In contrast, the characters are rendered in a “cartoon-like” fashion reminiscent of “Disney/Pixar-like” characters. These two approaches marry well to create the impression that you’re playing a game that looks and feels like a 3D animated film.