Note taking

Posted by: tigger

Note taking - 02/16/05 02:25 PM

Will I need reams of paper to make notes????
Posted by: MartinGantefohr

Re: Note taking - 02/16/05 02:27 PM

Absolutely not. smile
Posted by: trudysgarden

Re: Note taking - 02/16/05 02:28 PM

Huzzahhhhhhhhhhh!! Thank you :kiss:

Sounds good! I guess I'm in then.

happy trails,

Posted by: tigger

Re: Note taking - 02/16/05 03:26 PM

great news happydance
Posted by: granny

Re: Note taking - 02/16/05 09:26 PM

Oh shucks, I just bought a dozen more yellow 'legal pads' and two little boxes of lead for my drafting pencils.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Note taking - 02/17/05 01:55 AM

lol Granny, there's one in every crowd!