Background question

Posted by: nickie

Background question - 02/17/05 02:21 AM

Being inquisitive like all adventurers, I'd love to hear what some of your favorite computer games are, Martin. Not that you have time to play them anymore!
Posted by: MartinGantefohr

Re: Background question - 02/17/05 12:18 PM

I must admit that I had more fun playing games whehn I wasn't a developer. It's hard for me to not play games with "analysis mode" switched on in my head.

I could list my favorite advenure games here (DOTT leads the list), but I think the games that impressed me most recently are Half-Life 2 and GTA:SA.

For very different reasons of course, and I cannot say I like what these game are about or what they have to say -- they are interesting because they create very interactive worlds.

That's something we should aim to translate to adventure games.