How sad is this?

Posted by: fildil

How sad is this? - 11/10/12 10:34 AM

I went to BFG and saw that they have a half price sale this whole weekend for Alawar games. I went to check and saw a vast number of games for sale. I was thinking "goody, goody", I'll have games to play this weekend. Well, in the genre of games that I play, I have them all. No new games this weekend. cry
Posted by: Marian

Re: How sad is this? - 11/10/12 10:53 AM

It's my guess that you are not the only one who found nothing new to purchase during this Alawar sale. laugh wave

Hang in there; there will be other sales this month on Big Fish. smile
Posted by: Cherie

Re: How sad is this? - 11/10/12 01:12 PM

Count me in on this also...I couldn't find a thing, either I am too picky or I have far too many games..........I seemed to have them all. So will go find something I haven't played yet and already own.......thats getting to be a long list, and people say the economy is bad, it appears it holding up in the gaming world. At least some of us are doing our bit to pump dollars into it.
Posted by: smitty145

Re: How sad is this? - 11/10/12 03:10 PM


The money spent on a game is far less than going to a movie.
The game can last for hours and be played as many times as you wish for entertainment. It's kind of like a cheap date! rotfl

By the way: Has anyone noticed that this 1/2 price sale is less for BFG Club Members ($3.49 for SE and $6.99 for CE) this time? I guess BF heard the Members! smile
Posted by: Cherie

Re: How sad is this? - 11/10/12 04:05 PM

Smitty.......I completely gaming is one of the most economical forms of entertainment. We invested in our computers so we could keep in touch with family to beat the cost of long distance. So the entertainment value is like icing on the cake for us. I no longer feel its a luxury but a good investment.

If one has children in school it is an essential and I will allow a tax deduction for my clients who have children in school for not only the internet but the computer and the supplies like paper, ink and repairs as a tax write off.

I hope you are not in the area that was so badly damaged by the recent storms. If so you are fortunate that you are still able to access the internet. The gaming would have been a valuable tool for you to weather out the storms and keep informed.