Paris 360 and another game

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Paris 360 and another game - 12/03/12 12:47 PM

I'm beginning to think I'm losing it. I had a hidden object game that I cannot locate in my home, nor can I get Big Fish or Spin Top (the ONLY online download places I've bought from) to admit to selling me: 'Paris 360' a game I finished playing on my XP PC. I can remember the puzzles and music and even parts of the game. I KNOW this game exists. The other game I only played a demo for, from Big Fish, but I can't locate it at their site and don't know its name. It has space station locations, a female is searching for something (can't recall what). She spends a lot of time on a space station opening doors, doing some hidden object hunting but mostly trying to figure out where all the people went. She has to get a tram to work so she can go to another location, doing some lab work, where my time ran out. I think at the beginning she had to find a scuba outfit to go under water on earth. Uses some crystals and got zapped somehow into the future?? I have searched BF games til I'm getting cross eyed. Can SOMEBODY please help. I'd like to buy the game, but can't if I don't know its title. Thank you.
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Re: Paris 360 and another game - 12/03/12 01:12 PM

Hi BubbaJake,

The science fiction game you are describing sounds like Eternal Journey: New Atlantis, which is available both as a Collector's Edition here and as a standard version here.

I believe your Paris game is this one.

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Re: Paris 360 and another game - 12/03/12 01:13 PM

Travelogue 360 Paris is available on BigFish here.

I do not know what the space hame is, but hopefully it will jar someone's memory.

Ana wave12

EDIT: Hi Marian!
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Re: Paris 360 and another game - 12/03/12 01:14 PM

Hi, Ana! grin12 wave12
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Re: Paris 360 and another game - 12/03/12 03:03 PM

Oh Marian, you've solved both for me. No wonder BF and SpinTop couldn't tell me squat about 'Travelogue' since I completely left that part out of the name. (couldn't remember it!) The other game I'm also positive you got the name correct since I didn't mention the part about 'Atlantis' but was sure it figured into it. Thank you so much!
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Re: Paris 360 and another game - 12/03/12 03:23 PM

You are most welcome! happydance12 wave12