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Posted by: Terri824

Game recommendations - 12/29/12 05:18 PM

Hi. Not sure if I'm posting in the correct place or not. I do not like HOG games but recently played Adera and enjoyed it. It had very few hidden objects and was a good game. Could someone be kind enough to tell me of other games similar to Adera?
Terri HNY
Posted by: Marian

Re: Game recommendations - 12/29/12 07:38 PM

Hi Terri,

I just googled to see what Adera was about, because I wasn't familiar with that game. It said that you search through landscapes to find hidden objects, but that didn't give me enough of an idea as to what it was like such that I would know of other games similar to it. Could you explain a bit more? There are several IHOG casual games on Big Fish that only have a few hidden object scenes, and there are a few games (adventure lite) that have none. Maybe some folks could then suggest a few titles. wave12
Posted by: Sherlock

Re: Game recommendations - 12/29/12 10:09 PM

Adera is a point and click adventure game and was a Windows 8 release. wave12
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Game recommendations - 12/29/12 11:14 PM

From THis article here it is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game.

Ana wave12
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Game recommendations - 12/29/12 11:46 PM

This is true. The first part of the game did come with Win8 and it is point and click but it also has some hidden objects in it. It was a nice distraction and not difficult. I was surprised but I did not mind the hidden object part, I guess because there wasn't very many of them and after you did it you had a new object to use. So I guess it is basically an Adventure game. Like I said I never play the HOG's, don't like them, but did like this game. So I shall look for some more HO-PAG's. lol
Thanks, HNY
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Game recommendations - 12/30/12 12:11 AM

If you search the forum using the search term "Lite" you will come up with casual adventures that are not hidden object.

Ana wave12