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Posted by: family

viva media games - 01/26/13 06:25 PM

i brought a cd from viva media in walmart, and 2 of my games are 60 mins free trail, and viva media is refusing to fix it.
Posted by: Susie07

Re: viva media games - 01/26/13 06:51 PM

Hi, family!

I honestly don't pay much attention to which games are from which developers, but I'm sure I must have purchased "Viva Media" games from BFG.

Was there any indication on the box (or CD) that 2 of the games were only demos, or were you led to believe they were all complete games? If you're unhappy, I would suggest you return your purchase to Walmart and ask for a refund.

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: viva media games - 01/26/13 06:53 PM

Family I sm sure somewhere on the box it states what is inside.
Posted by: MaG

Re: viva media games - 01/26/13 07:05 PM


Can you please tell us the name that is on the cover of the box or the name of CD. We can then check what the CD should contain.

Posted by: family

Re: viva media games - 01/26/13 10:45 PM

mystery masters collection edtion, sacra terra ce and twisted land insoniac ce are 60 minute free trail.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: viva media games - 01/26/13 10:52 PM

There are more than one of those. The names of the full versions included are clearly marked on each. Which Mystery Masters is it?
Posted by: family

Re: viva media games - 01/27/13 01:48 AM

i even concacted them 3 times and they told me there was a ticket which there wasn't, and i never keep the boxs, since a walmart employee tolds us about the cd holder, i brought 2 big ones, and my husband brought 1 small one for music, but this is on the cd, house of 1000 doors family secret, vampire saga hell lock, minds eye, twisted lands, echoes of sorrow, stray souls, and the top is games for window, collection edtion mystery masters, and 6 pack.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: viva media games - 01/27/13 10:40 AM

The games you are requesting for free are not included in the pack. The Mystery Masters 6 Pack includes a variety of creepy adventures for fans of mystery gaming. Included are Twisted Lands: Shadow Town, Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story, Mystery Cruise, Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate, Pandora's Box, and Mind's Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten.

Please do not publicly bash a company for not supporting their product or false advertising without being sure they are in fact doing so. Viva has not done anything wrong and to air your complaints against them in public against them is unfair.
Posted by: Sparkle

Re: viva media games - 01/27/13 01:29 PM

family: It's always a good idea to save the boxes and your receipts for a while until you're sure you got what you expected. You can still put the CD's in your storage container. Just save the boxes somewhere out of sight. Just a suggestion. It's something I've gotten in the habit of doing with purchases such as software, hardware, etc. Sorry that you weren't completely satisfied with your purchase. But as far as I can tell, it wasn't Viva Media's fault. I'm sure you got what you payed for as far as number of games for the price. JMO
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Re: viva media games - 01/27/13 01:35 PM

okay thank you guys very much, but why haven't they got back to me, i could been told this by viva media customer service person, not you guys, i did the ticket 3 time look in my email nothing, and big fish gets back to me.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: viva media games - 01/27/13 02:28 PM

It's quite possible that it's stuck in your spam folder. Your internet provider may be blocking it. It's happened to me many times. It's also the weekend. Most companies respond within 72 hours, BF is the exception to the rule.
Posted by: family

Re: viva media games - 01/27/13 02:30 PM

you are probably right, and thanks everybody for helping me out.
Posted by: VivaMedia

Re: viva media games - 01/28/13 11:06 AM

Hi Family,

You should have gotten an email right away with the support number. Check your spam folder and let us know if it's there. If not, let's see what we can do. Sorry for the confusion. Talk soon.
Posted by: 3dobermans

Re: viva media games - 01/28/13 11:15 AM

If I'm buying games at a store I always check the containers. I've never had a problem with VivaMedia, Playrix, BigFish, Last Day of Work or Popcap, to name a few, with games they offer.
I also keep containers/receipt until I've installed and started to play the game. If there is a glitch in the game I'll check that game site to see if there is a patch. If nothing then I know I can return the game usually for a trade in.
Posted by: family

Re: viva media games - 01/28/13 02:42 PM

no all that was in my email was big fish survey, and facebook do you know these people, and i figuare out the problem, i was using the wronge cd-rom, i finally got them install, no free trail, they were in double collection's edition, legend of terror 6 pack, which has kinapped, mountain crime, soul jounry, something with atlantis, and i finally got an email from viva media, and ana was right they might have been going in my spam mail, i am glad i was wronge about viva media.
Posted by: horizon

Re: viva media games - 02/22/13 07:38 PM

i casual play minecraft game and is quite good