13th Skull

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13th Skull - 01/30/13 08:53 PM

I am trying to solve the puzzle in the coffin and I am missing a date. It needs to come from the fax machine I guess. The fax machine is empty. Does the computer send to the fax and that's how I get the date? If so, I also need the password for the computer.
I have combed the walkthroughs including the youtube videos and I still have not found anything. Can anyone help?
Thank you!
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Re: 13th Skull - 01/30/13 09:06 PM

I found this information on the Big Fish forum for the game:

Click to reveal..
The death date is on the front of the mausoleum, blaze date and rebuild date should all be in your journal/casebook if you looked at all the newspaper clippings you came across in the game. The birth date takes several steps to discover. You must win at a game of checkers with Vinton in the Tavern, you may also hit the “Skip” button which counts as a win. But if you don’t beat him or hit “skip” you cannot progress. After you win he will tell you he will have a fax sent to you with info about the manor. Go to the den (where the computer is) and click on the fax, then click on the piece of paper in the fax. The birth date will be in the bottom right of the page and is handwritten. Once you look at the page from the fax the birth date will be entered in your journal. This is another randomly generated solution. You cannot use the solution from the walkthrough, you can only use the date given to you by your game. Once you have entered all of the dates (vertically or horizontally only) you must click on the lever on the left of the number board.

Let us know if this helps. wave
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Perfect! Thank you!!!
Game is movin' right along now!
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Excellent! thumbsup wave