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Posted by: Terri824

Recommedation/Viva Media - 02/05/13 03:00 PM

I noticed at Walmart the main games on the shelf is casual, and they have 2 to 4 games in the pack. Can someone recommend one that has mostly adventure? I am not too wild about HOG, but if the game has a minimal amount it's ok.
My daughter thought Vampire Mansion looked good but the reviews on it aren't too good.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Recommedation/Viva Media - 02/05/13 03:06 PM

Terri, it would be good to know which games were included in the compilation packs that you saw or alternatively the name of the packs so that we could look them up. There are lots of hidden object games that have an equal or greater focus on puzzle solving and inventory usage but without knowing specifics, I can't really offer a recommendation. wave
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Recommedation/Viva Media - 02/05/13 04:42 PM

Ok, guess I thought someone might have played a few games that are now available in the multi-paks and could make a recommendation. Next time out, I shall write them down and check them out. It didn't matter to me if they were in multi-paks but that seems to be the only way they are available.
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Posted by: Marian

Re: Recommedation/Viva Media - 02/05/13 06:44 PM

Maybe someone else can make a recommendation, Terri. smile I just didn't want to make any recommendations myself until I was sure of which games were included. wave
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Recommedation/Viva Media - 02/05/13 10:35 PM

They have several multipacks.
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Recommedation/Viva Media - 02/06/13 02:58 PM

Thanks so much Jenny. Now I don't have to run over to the store first, I can find what I want here before I go!
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