BFG Monthly Subscription

Posted by: Rosaboobie

BFG Monthly Subscription - 02/15/13 03:37 AM

As some of you know, I live in the UK now. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to paying my monthly subscription in British Pounds or American Dollars? I see that I am still paying in American Dollars since my return from Kenya, and wonder if I am doing right or not. headscratch
Posted by: Marian

Re: BFG Monthly Subscription - 02/15/13 10:34 AM

I'm not sure, to tell you the truth, what with not knowing about current exchange rates, VAT taxes, etc. Hopefully someone here will be able to provide a better answer to your question. wave
Posted by: Susie07

Re: BFG Monthly Subscription - 02/15/13 10:50 AM

Hi, Boobie!

I pay my monthly BFG Club Membership in US dollars because the Canadian dollar has been above par with the US dollar for quite some time now.

I would suggest that you check the amount you're being charged on your credit card after the conversion and see how it compares to what you would be paying if you switched to British pounds.

Posted by: Marian

Re: BFG Monthly Subscription - 02/15/13 10:51 AM

Thank you, Susan. wave
Posted by: Rosaboobie

Re: BFG Monthly Subscription - 02/15/13 11:56 AM

Thank you, Susan. I am also not up on the current exchange rates but I will do as you suggest and do some research on my statements.
Posted by: meryl

Re: BFG Monthly Subscription - 02/16/13 03:09 AM

I've stopped my sub. for a while (too many games!) but I found it slightly less expensive to pay in US dollars. But there wasn't much in it.
The amount went on to a Post Office credit card which doesn't charge anything extra for currency conversion. This is something to watch, too.