Need Name of Game

Posted by: gamenut

Need Name of Game - 02/15/13 09:21 PM

Last year or maybe year before-played a very good game from BF. But cannot remember the title! Hoping one you will !! I remember it was a 'dark' game, nice and creepy and LOTS of exploration. Can't remember how it started out but do remember it having a dark Castle and in a room (maybe a tower?) a young girl held within a kind of blue force field--seems to me this was near or at the beginning not later on in game. You have to explore and find things that go onto/into that forcefield.. was a long game. at some point you get to an area in castle where there are 3 ways to go--left to elevator. straight -up some stone steps/corridor to a door. and right, to someplace else.... I've got a lot of games so am hoping someone will remember this game 'cause if i have to go thru what i have 1 by one will take forEVer! Help!!
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Re: Need Name of Game - 02/15/13 10:31 PM

I hope someone who has better memory then me comes along soon with some suggestions. It wasn't one of the Agency of Anomalies was it?
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Re: Need Name of Game - 02/15/13 11:33 PM

I'm not sure what game this might be, unfortunately. If I think of anything, I will let you know. wave
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Need Name of Game - 02/16/13 05:27 AM

Could it be House of 1000 Doors?