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Walkthroughs - 02/19/13 02:33 PM

I was wondering if someone can tell me where I can get the walkthroughs on some games that I'm not able to get here on Boomers. I have two on Art of Murder.. The Secret Files and Deadly Secrets..The second two are Chronicles of Mystery The Legends of the Sacred Treasure and Secret of the Lost Kingdom They are all by City interactive. Thanks in advance for the infomation.
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Re: Walkthroughs - 02/19/13 02:38 PM

Hi Karen,

Those are all casual games, which GB doesn't write walkthroughs for. smile Have you tried BigFish or Gamezebo? I'll move this thread across to Casual forum. luck
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Re: Walkthroughs - 02/19/13 02:46 PM

Thanks Rushes
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Re: Walkthroughs - 02/19/13 02:49 PM

Here are the walkthroughs:

Art of Murder: The Secret Files

Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets

Chronicles of Mystery: Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Chronicles of Mystery: The Legend of the Sacred Treasure