Chess Titans

Posted by: oldman

Chess Titans - 03/22/13 09:50 PM

Don't know if this is considered a casual game or what category it belongs in but it seemed the place to post. If not a Mod can straighten me out. lol

Anyway I just bought a new computer and it has Windows 8 on it. Chess Titans has been one of the standard games on previous versions of Windows but is not included on Windows 8.

I went on line to try to find the game and didn't really trust the site that offered it and was hesitant to hit the download button.

I like the game and if there was a site that sold it I would be willing to buy it but, other than that one site, my searches have come up empty.

Anyone have any info?
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Chess Titans - 03/22/13 10:06 PM

oldman, I found this thread here. There is a download (I do not vouch for it, I am merely stating it's there) but there are other suggestion further in the thread to get it from Win7 to 8.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Chess Titans - 03/23/13 07:38 PM

Thank you. I tried that site and it wouldn't open. But thanks for searching for me.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Chess Titans - 03/23/13 08:54 PM

Check ***page 2*** of the forum Ana found and you'll find instructions for doing it yourself. They link to ***another page at that forum***. However I think you'll need access to a Vista or Windows 7 computer to get a version of the game to edit.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Chess Titans - 03/23/13 09:07 PM

Sorry oldman. Unfortunately the free chess games available in the Win 8 app store have very bad reviews.

Thanks Jenny!
Posted by: oldman

Re: Chess Titans - 03/24/13 02:22 AM

Thanks Jenny but those instructions are a little above my pay grade. My head was spinning just reading them. crazy

Anyway I think I'll give up for now. Who knows Microsoft might eventually make in available in there windows 8 store eventually.

I remember years ago that I used to play Chessmaster and it is still out there so I might look into getting that.

Thanks folks for all the help.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Chess Titans - 03/24/13 01:19 PM

If you really want Chess Titans, an alternative would be to run Windows 7 or Vista inside a Virtual Machine and use the Chess Titans that came with those. Of course you'd need a Vista or Windows 7 disc to install it.