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Posted by: monbron

Big Fish - Streaming games - 03/24/13 07:25 AM

I haven't logged into Big Fish for a while and I now notice that they have 'Streaming games' can you tell me what these are? do you have to pay for them? hows do they work? - Lots of questions......... thanks
Posted by: Marian

Re: Big Fish - Streaming games - 03/24/13 10:04 AM

Hi monbron,

I moved your post over to the Casual Games forum since Big Fish is primarily a casual games website. smile

There is a question and answer page about streaming games on Big Fish here.

I haven't used this service myself, but maybe some other folks here can provide more information about it. wave
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Big Fish - Streaming games - 03/24/13 10:05 AM

I'm not sure what the difference is between their "streaming games" and their "online games" unless it's the ability to "save in the cloud" that they mention.
Posted by: gatsbygirl

Re: Big Fish - Streaming games - 03/25/13 11:24 AM


BFG offered a free trial of their streaming games but unfortunately I couldn't get them to work on my tablet. The games wouldn't open. I believe that the games are stored "in the cloud" so I think that in order to play them you have to have an Internet connection. I'm not sure about this since I couldn't play the games but I think that is the case.

I liked the selection of games but other people mentioned in the forum that they have had trouble with the streaming too, so there must be some bugs. You might try it on your device and see if it will work for you. Unfortunately, our BFG membership doesn't apply to the streaming games and there is a monthly charge of $7.99, I think.
Posted by: Flo NS

Re: Big Fish - Streaming games - 03/25/13 03:37 PM

My initial understanding is that instead of using computer space for your games, you are able to stream the games from the website. However the selection is limited at this time. I just wish they would open it for other countries. It's mainly US right now.