diner dash question

Posted by: family

diner dash question - 05/05/13 04:58 PM

does diner dash games and cooking dash games work in window 7, and also spongebob squarepants dinerdash.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: diner dash question - 05/05/13 05:36 PM

I looked on Amazon Downloads and some say Win XP and some say Win7. I think you'll have to check each one individually. There are usually trials on these so best to check on your system before they download. Just because it says XP doesn't mean it won't work on Win7.

Ana wave
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Re: diner dash question - 05/05/13 05:43 PM

i brought all but one from walmart, and look on big fish everyone is having trouble with it, the one i didn't get was flo throught time.
Posted by: Marian

Re: diner dash question - 05/05/13 06:03 PM

Maybe these games would run in compatibility mode, which was what worked for getting Cake Mania 2 to run. I have some of the Diner Dash games and will give them a try one of these days on my Windows 7. wave
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Re: diner dash question - 05/05/13 06:19 PM

my hometown hero and seasonal snack pack isn't working, they kick me out and went back to my desktop, i will try the others, i look on the cd rom, and they have window xp/vista.