Virtual Families 2

Posted by: lanlynk

Virtual Families 2 - 06/30/13 04:43 PM

I've been having fun with this new version of Virtual Families. My sister and I spent so much time playing the 1st VF. I even learned how to use Gimp to make mods for it. smile

The house in Virtual Families 2 is different. You have to earn lots of money to upgrade the rooms and some are locked until you hit later generations. I like a lot of the new gameplay, but it does take much longer to get a nice house!

I also wanted to give you guys a heads-up. I bought my game at Big Fish. As of yet, they have not updated the game to the latest patch. There is a mouse issue that is very annoying. mad If you move the mouse too fast or come too close to the edges of the screen, the mouse flips back to the middle of the screen. You also can't use the NumPad arrows to move around the screen. Big Fish's only answer to these issues is to play in Window Mode, which has it's own problem: can't access bottom buttons unless you do a lot of tweaking. No word about when they will apply the update from LDW.

Anyway, I love the game, but you might want to buy directly from (with the updated game) or wait until Big Fish updates.

PS: They also make a free version of the game for Android or iOS devices. I downloaded the Android version for my tablet and it works great for me. yes
Posted by: Marian

Re: Virtual Families 2 - 06/30/13 05:30 PM

Thanks for all that info, lanlynk. I will give the game a try. wave