Oh. No! Problems with the GM again

Posted by: meryl

Oh. No! Problems with the GM again - 10/30/13 07:08 AM

I just downloaded my first game after an absence of a year from BFG and was aghast to see the new game manager. (I had previously been rolled back to the old small one at my request)
The game (the latest Puppetshow) took 2.5 hours to download. I don't have a fast connection but that's ridiculous and unworkable.
I have contacted BFG but I am soooo disappointed.
Has anyone else had this problem with the new app?
Please tell me there's a fix for this. I was so looking forward to catching up with some of the excellent games recommended by fellow Boomers.
Posted by: Flo NS

Re: Oh. No! Problems with the GM again - 10/30/13 07:49 AM

2.5 hours is a bit much. However, I had no changes in download speed with the new GM. But I think with the all the new additions to it, it would make it slower for those who don't have high speed connections. Maybe they'll give you back the old one.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Oh. No! Problems with the GM again - 10/30/13 09:04 AM

I've had no slow-down issues with the new GM either. I just downloaded a game yesterday.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Oh. No! Problems with the GM again - 10/30/13 09:56 AM

It seemed to slow down for me too, though not to the extent it did for you. It's maybe 25% to 33% slower. For those who have a "slower" internet connection compared to other users, the problem seems to be magnified.

But keep in mind that Big Fish is putting out more bloated games -- over a GB, and larger even than some adventure games. Those are just going to take a while to download -- especially if Big Fish is having a sale and is busier than usual.

Sometimes you just get a worse connection than usual, and it helps to cancel the download and try again.
Posted by: meryl

Re: Oh. No! Problems with the GM again - resolved! - 10/30/13 11:03 AM

I think the game was about 530mb so a large file but not elephantine. Maybe it was just a very bad connection at that moment in time. Could even have been at my end, I suppose. I'll see what BFG makes of the Dr. Felix.
I'm hoping they will let me use the old, old GM again. Download speeds were always manageable with that.
Thanks for the feedback.

Just to finalise this post. BFG have rolled back to the old game manager for me. Downloaded a game with it, timed it, did the math(s, and it was about 25% faster. It's an improvement I can live with. I think BFG are great in helping people.