BFG "Makeover" Look and Privacy?

Posted by: Cynder

BFG "Makeover" Look and Privacy? - 11/20/13 11:00 PM

All right, I truly do not like the horrible navigation nightmare that is the "New Year" makeover for the webpage, but I'm savvy enough to learn to work my way around anything, and I've already posted my dislike to the forum, and that's where the real problem arose.

When I posted, the post appeared with my job status from Facebook attached. Never, not at any time, have I given BFG permission to link my gaming account to Facebook, and I never intended to do so. Yes, I have a FB account, which is personal. I would gladly add a Boomer at any time, but I certainly am not opening it to BFG, especially since my account there uses my personal email, which my FB account does not.

I feel that this is an invasion of my online privacy (if there is such a thing really,) and that we should be allowed to opt out. What do you all think?
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: BFG "Makeover" Look and Privacy? - 11/20/13 11:12 PM

They do not have access to your FB, it's a social plugin which is the norm for most websites now. You do not have to post via a FB profile, you just select the button on the right to post anonymously.

SElect the button the says "posting as *****" When you click on it it will say log out. When you log out you will be anonymous.

Posted by: Cynder

Re: BFG "Makeover" Look and Privacy? - 11/20/13 11:24 PM

Ah, okay, that explains it then. Thank you so much, Ana, I do feel better about it now. I rarely post there, so I needed that bit of comfort.

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: BFG "Makeover" Look and Privacy? - 11/21/13 10:41 AM

Your welcome Cynder. Happy to help!

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