Casual Game "themes"

Posted by: Reenie

Casual Game "themes" - 02/16/14 12:45 AM

Just curious to know if there are any casual games that don't base the story line on 1) various royal personages in distress over their kingdoms, 2) spirits (demons/sorcerers/witches) coming through a mystic portal and casting a spell on everyone, 3) haunted buildings that have to be exorcised to free a captive inside, or 4) mysteriousness in general that always seems to wreak havoc with the weather. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the genre, but the repetitive nature of the story lines is beginning to get to me a bit. Appreciate any recommendations!
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Re: Casual Game "themes" - 02/16/14 01:17 AM

What sells will be repeated. And they all sell wink But if you can spare the time to "sift" there are bound to be some that have ventured off the path laugh
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Re: Casual Game "themes" - 02/16/14 01:23 AM

Don't I know it, Mad! LOL And some of them I really enjoyed, like Clockwork Tales and Otherworld, for example. But I have played some casual games that did not resort to those overdone tropes I mentioned: Angelica Weaver, Botanica, the Dana Knightstones, Eternal Journey: New Atlantis (well, sort of), Final Cut, Brink of Consciousness, a few of the Mystery Case Files. I just wondered if there were others. I'm looking forward to the 2013 List being compiled now.
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Re: Casual Game "themes" - 02/16/14 11:26 AM

Have you tried Fantastic Creations: House of Brass? Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town is also something of a departure from the norm. Calavera: Day of the Dead has a somewhat different feel to it while remaining in rather familiar territory. I would also try Margrave: Curse of the Severed Heart and Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter, as both of these games stand out for me as having a unique atmosphere (and you should play them in that order).

I will admit that it is a bit difficult to think of many titles that don't have one of the themes that you described so well. grin I'll think about it some more.
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Re: Casual Game "themes" - 02/16/14 12:42 PM

Thanks, Marian! I did play Alien Town and enjoyed it immensely. It is on my "List." Haven't heard of House of Brass nor Calavera. I'll look those up. I played Curse of the Severed Heart but not the sequel; maybe it is time to remedy that. kissy
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Re: Casual Game "themes" - 02/16/14 01:15 PM

I think it would make a good storyline if someone's grandfather went missing through a portal and the grand daughter had to go looking for him. I am amazed that nobody has thought of that yet! crazy wave

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