Cursed House 4 - New Match 3 on Big Fish

Posted by: Marian

Cursed House 4 - New Match 3 on Big Fish - 09/11/17 10:20 AM

Today's game for Club Members, tomorrow's game for all.

You can download Cursed House 4 here.

The latest in the Cursed House series is here and a once magnificent mansion has been demolished by hordes of evil spirits that now dwell inside its ruins. They only obey the power of the magical amulet. However, the amulet has lost its power and now lays dormant. It can be recharged through collecting hundreds of coins scattered all around the forgotten ruins. Collect the coins and use the power of the amulet to cleanse the mansion and restore it to its former beauty.

100 new exciting match-3 levels
40 challenging match-3 puzzles
10 beautiful find the difference scenes
New game mechanics to explore

As always, please remember to come back and tell us what you think.

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Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Cursed House 4 - New Match 3 on Big Fish - 09/11/17 02:42 PM

Thanks, Marian.

Ana wave
Posted by: Reenie

Re: Cursed House 4 - New Match 3 on Big Fish - 09/22/17 04:10 PM

Marian, I've always been curious about how Match 3 games could be any different one from the another? They aren't a type of game play that interests me, so I've never bought one, although the format does arise briefly in other games from time to time. So I have played a few within the context of other games. It doesn't engage me all that much. Admittedly, HO games themselves are pretty darned formulaic, and we joke about their repetitive themes and structures and graphics, but they do try to express the essence of the particular location or setting in the game play itself.

As I understand it, all that is involved in a Match 3 game is the repetitive matching of threes-of-a-kind in a certain order to maximize clearing the board and racking up a high score. The game play doesn't stray from that basic principle. Maybe the icons you match vary from being unicorns or pumpkins to stars and comets or colored gems, but what else is there to work with that would separate a "Haunted House" Match 3 from one themed around, say, a "Paradise Island?"
Posted by: Marian

Re: Cursed House 4 - New Match 3 on Big Fish - 09/22/17 04:29 PM

Hi Reenie, the play mechanic is mostly the same for all of them; what makes them different and slightly more or less challenging are the board layouts, obstacles in your path, whether or not they are timed/untimed. Other variations include different kinds of power-ups, things that you might get to do between rounds such as accumulating enough money for buildings that generate useful things in order to conquer more difficult levels, and also the themes.

Over the years there have been some clever iterations, however, that build upon that mechanic into something quite different.

A good example is Claws and Feathers. While the match-3 mechanic is there, the game involves heavy elements of strategy that can be quite challenging. In fact, you could call this series as much a strategy game as you could a match 3.

The above is just one example; there are many others.
Posted by: Reenie

Re: Cursed House 4 - New Match 3 on Big Fish - 09/22/17 07:13 PM

Thanks. That helps explain the continuing appeal.