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tikibar - 11/04/17 07:45 PM

when i buy the sandwiches, and they order the hamburger i have a hard time telling rather it is with cheese, and they will not take it. cool lab puppy
Posted by: Marian

Re: tikibar - 11/04/17 08:31 PM

I sometimes have trouble distinguishing ingredients in these games too - it all depends on how they are depicted graphically. I don't really think there's any help for this, unfortunately, other than practice and getting used to how it is supposed to look.

I also saw this comment on Big Fish:

Could anyone tell me, in the NEWEST version, does the sandwich glitch still exist? Where you can't see what kind of sandwich people are ordering, I mean?

It sounds like the game has its problems. I have never tried to play it, so otherwise I can't be of any help here.
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Re: tikibar - 11/04/17 08:42 PM

that is okay and thanks very much.