L.A. Noire

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L.A. Noire - 08/14/08 08:59 AM

Adventure games don't seem to have a great variety of subjects lately...What is it with all those 18th,19th century conspiracies lately?Since DaVinci code came out,many books and games with the same 'theme' are running around like mice!
I'm bored of these games cry
I love noirs so much love the movies and the whole ''watch it kid'' gangster and femme fatale thing so there's nothing better than a good noire game..Jazz music,fancy clothes,mystery..
But people don't make noir games these days!
So! After browsing the internet for quite a while I came up this title!
I'm amazed by the graphics and the whole way the game looks but I wanted to ask if anyone knows about this game...I'm afraid it might not be an adventure... think Rockstar Games is what 'annoys' me most...'Cause if it's gonna be Grand Theft Auto-like then I'm not interested... confused
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Re: L.A. Noire - 08/14/08 09:15 AM

Hi adventurelover --

There's info at Wikipedia here. I don't think they are planning to release it for the PC, though. frown
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Re: L.A. Noire - 08/14/08 09:17 AM

Here's an excerpt from the site you linked too.
Not sure what to make of it myself. We'll have to wait for more info about it I guess. Thanks for the link A.L.

L.A. Noire blends action, detection and complex storytelling and draws players into an open-ended challenge to solve a series of gruesome murders. Set in a perfectly recreated Los Angeles before freeways, with a post-war backdrop of corruption, drugs and jazz, L.A. Noire will truly blend cinema and gaming.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 08/14/08 09:26 AM

Yes... :-( I just read the 'next generation consoles' part...Why they think games with excellent graphics don't 'fit' in PCs, I can't understand...
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Re: L.A. Noire - 02/04/11 08:24 AM

It looks like "L.A. Noire" is only going to be released for the PS3 and XBox 360 and the release date is May 17, 2011 (right now anyway.)

Here's the home page:


It's the type of game we haven't seen in a while but sadly not on the PC.

I do have a PS3 but then the decision is whether to spend almost $60 for a game (which is what you had to spend many years ago for most adventure games.)

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Re: L.A. Noire - 02/04/11 01:41 PM

Don't know why "noir" always intrigues me, but it does. That it's set in a Los Angeles from 60+ years ago, also adds interest for this former LA suburbanite... to see the landscape as it used to be.

Sadly, no way to play it, so I'll continue to get my 'noir' fix with "James Ellroy's LA City of Demons" on TV (ID channel).
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Re: L.A. Noire - 02/04/11 04:31 PM

thanks for the link Robert.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 04/27/11 03:14 PM

If you pre-order LA Noire from Amazon they are offering a $10 game credit for a future game plus something called 'Broderick Detective Suit.'

GameStop is also offering pre-order bonuses - check this out:


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Re: L.A. Noire - 04/27/11 07:10 PM

I believe it is an action-adventure game as classified by GameStop.

Ana wave
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Re: L.A. Noire - 04/27/11 09:24 PM

I hope the game will be good.....I played Red Dead Redemption...game of the year last year I think for PS3 that is...the graphics are good...but basically its a shooter western type game...the reason i mention that is because this was Rockstar games aswell.....i got bored of red dead.........I hope LA Noir is much better....PS3 also had Heavy rain.....If this is the best they can do for adventure games.....yikes.....It is booooooring.......its not a shooter....but the extent of putting on your seat belt....setting the table.....changing a diaper.....pushing your kid on a swing......it was really lame....not like an adventure game we are used to with puzzles and inventory.....so I do hope LA Noir is good
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Re: L.A. Noire - 04/27/11 09:49 PM

I have to say I have been waiting on this game. One of the things you are tasked with is reading the facial expressions of people to see if they are lying. I get the feeling it may not be too action loaded from the trailers they have released. I love Fringe and John Noble is a character in the game. I think if it sells well they may release a version to PC as they have done with some other big name games that were released to console first like Mass Effect.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 04/28/11 06:24 AM

My hubby's getting this for the xbox 360, so I'm gonna have a little nose when he's playing and see just how much action play there actually is.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/18/11 03:33 PM

Hubby got his copy of L.A. Noir today. I played about an hour or so, and I love it so far. However there is a lot of action elements to the game such as small fights, shootouts and chasing perps. There is also a lot of driving. It's a lot like playing grand theft auto but with the elements of investigating scenes, talking to witnesses and interrogating suspects. Depends how much action you like. I have never played GTA etc but I do like this game. Took me about ten minutes to get used to the driving, and the only other thing I took a while to get the hang of was the shootout part. Anyone who's in two minds might see if you can try it if anyone you know is getting it, or hire it first? Anyone who likes the 'darkside' should just get it! The graphics are amazing, especially the people and their facial movements, especially when they speak, are amazing, almost real life quality.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/18/11 03:53 PM

I will move this to the DArkSide. Thanks lisandbag.

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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/18/11 04:39 PM

I'm very interested in this game. I've heard it compared to the first Mafia, which I loved. The time period of the late 40s, the old cars and a recognizable LA sound like Mafia, though it also has criminal investigation.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/18/11 04:58 PM

Just wondering how you use a xbox 360. Do you connect it up to the TV or a PC monitor. Kind of a silly question but I don't know anything about it. What kind of controller do you use. Is it easier than a PC mouse. Anything else I should know about it.Thanks
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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/18/11 07:04 PM

I have a PS3 rather than an XBox. You connect it to the TV. The controller is easy to use for most actions like driving or running and jumping. Shooting is a bit more difficult and less accurate than with a mouse, but you get used to it. I like games on the PC but there are some great games that are not available for it.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/18/11 07:12 PM

Thanks Pokey, Can you get the same games for PS3 as for the XBox 360.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/18/11 07:59 PM

Kjos, there are games that are exclusive to consoles. With the PS3, it would be Uncharted, Demon Souls and The Last Guardian, to name a few. I bought my PS3 because I had to play The Last Guardian, but I also got Uncharted 1 & 2, Demon Souls and a few others. XBox has exclusives as well. Most games are probably available for both.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/19/11 08:01 AM

rmelone, I buy most of my PS3 games pre-owned and trade them inn after playing them unless I want to keep them if I would like to play again, this I rarely do.

kjos, consoles can be connected also to monitors but you need to connect the sound somewhere else unless the monitor has sound. I have my PS3 sharing the same sound equipment as the PC and a switch to use one or the other. The controller comes with the equipment, it took me sometime to get use to it, at the beginning the cursor was flying all over the screen, however after playing one not too difficult games I had no problems any more. One can adjust the sensitivity of the movements to low avoiding the flying cursor. Now I much prefer controllers to mouse and keyboard.

I am not sure if I would like L.A. Noire, I'll wait a little for opinions of Boomers and to watch part of a walktrough before deciding.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 05/19/11 09:43 AM


I agree. Anything "noir" intrigues me too. Love the old Black and white movies. I saw LA Noir advertised and rushed to read about it only to find that it won't be available for PC frown
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Re: L.A. Noire - 09/18/12 09:10 PM

LA Noir is available for PC at Amazon.
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Re: L.A. Noire - 09/18/12 11:03 PM

thanks Reenie wave Did you get it?
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Re: L.A. Noire - 09/19/12 12:55 AM

No, I decided not to after reading some of the comments about its "action" components. Grand Theft Auto is a game that never tempted me. LOL Too bad, because I loved the sound of noir!
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Re: L.A. Noire - 09/19/12 10:31 AM


I read that one is able to skip action parts, maybe someone who played this game can tell you more.