Resident Evil 6, anyone playing?

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Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/15/12 01:41 PM

I read that the controls were "modern". I don't know if they are modern or not but certainly some of them are different. The problem is that there is not manual AT ALL, not even a graphic showing controls for each button. To make things worse the game doesn't pause when one chooses an item or weapon, then since combat is almost constant there is not much time to experiment. I know now some controls but are they all?

Also I seem to be unable to get more than one "set" of skills with three slots. I have still skill points but I cannot get anymore equipped. I have seen a WT and Leon has several skill options available, maybe this is not the first time for this player and skills carry on for other games?

If any Gameboomer is playing this I would appreciate some advise or comment.
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/15/12 04:03 PM

Mcc, I am not playing this but I found tips pages Here and Here.

Are you playing on a game pad? That might be helpful in quickly switching weapons. luck
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/15/12 05:30 PM

Thank you l4l, I had not found these two hints!

I am playing on PS3.

Apparently from your first link, it is only after the fist Campaign that one can configure more skill sets.

In the second link it says that it is better to play two chapters of each character first. After finishing one chapter it goes automatically onto the next, maybe one has to start the game again to be able to change characters. Up to now I found that changing anything in this game is not easy task. Also if one has to finish one Campaing before having access to more skill sets one has to play more chapters without the benefit of choosing skills.

I like the game despite awful critic reviews, but I find myself confused many times headscratch duh a manual would not make it perfect but it would certainly help.
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/15/12 07:12 PM

Mcc, I'm glad they helped a bit. I too miss those great manuals games used to come with. wave
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/18/12 02:58 PM

Hi mcc how are you doing? I've played 2 Res Ev games and the story is good but the play is limp -it doesn't have the spark that my favorite shooters have. And you know one of them. And Cris Redfield is a worthy protagonist but I never cared for Leon so I won't be buying this new one. Maybe developers believe more of that game will sell if they introduce off beat controls but there's too many new games to waste time on control issues. Elderscrolls have the best format. And this is my opinion and I'm going to stick with it. hahaha

Anyway it you play it perhaps the 2nd time through will be enjoyable
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/19/12 12:04 PM

I enjoyed RE5. For this RE6 critics had great expectations and now terrible reviews. I think it is something in the middle. I played the demo and had mixed fillings but Amazon had $10 off for pre-order and I bought it. I should've waited until a price drop.

I finished the Leon Campaign and now I know more controls. The Campaigns look more like different games altogether, I just started Chris Campaign, it is very different from the first.

Medal of Honor Warfighter and Call of Duty 2 are coming soon.

I have played and finished the Elderscrolls games but after a while I find them tedious about the 'things to do" apart from the fights. I know this is a part a lot of gamers enjoy most, even some get married shocked

Nothing yet apart from rumors about KZ4 frown
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/19/12 01:56 PM

Gosh, that's 2 games in a row now. Has ME updates improved the game? I never explored that series either.

Shopped a bit and preordered CoD2 black ops, the zombie one -it looks good and Devil May Cry 5 and DMC 1,2,3 remake for the PS3. I've played DMC4 3-4 times then gave it to granddaughters and they finished wearing it out. The 2 games I really want to play are Demons Souls and Dark Souls but they are too hard for me. Darn

See, you're picking up on the controls -Good

KZ4 -do you suppose Visari had a son? We know he has a daughter. But she does act shocked when he greets her in KZ3. Replaying KZ2 just to check Visari's eye color at the very end

Happy gaming, mcc
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/19/12 03:09 PM

ME is a very good game, the endings are what spoil the trilogy mad
I got the first DLC when it was available, not much really but the character one gets is very good against some enemies when playing harder difficulties.
The Extended Cut, free DLC, explains and goes into more detail of the endings but doesn't change a thing apart to add an even worse ending. $10 Leviathan adds some more play and no team character. The $2 Firefight DLC, a weapon set, has a outstanding rifle and IMO the best value for money DLC.
A $15 DLC, Omega, is scheduled to release November 27th. Too pricey for a DLC, have to wait for the reviews.

Yankee, I think you would enjoy playing the series there is a lot of action. ME2 is available in Amazon for under $20. I recommend, if you finally have your PC, the PC version since there is an Editor for ME3 that can help to change certain conditions that make the game more enjoyable, for example less of your buddies dying for stupid reasons that depend on choices made in previous ME games.
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/20/12 03:21 PM

The ME trilogy will be out Dec 31 according to Amazon and not a bad deal and available on PS3. I almost bought ME2 long time ago,never did. I can play ME1, have you played that one?

As for the Razer after all the boasting I didn't buy it. Because: My credit card is a prepay one and by the time I would have had a certified check they were sold out. My son showed me some gaming laptops at Fry's Electronics store and they looked good. He liked the Asus model they had -I believe he's riped through all of them-. Well I didn't buy it then and guess what -my HP just mellowed out and does everything it's supposed to now. So I bought the PSVita -it's fun.
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/20/12 03:58 PM

Yes, I played ME 1 also, I remember it was very good but not much more.
A kind of spoiler but really an advise that I would prefer to know before starting playing the trilogy
Click to reveal..
- if you play male Shepard you want to let Ashley live in case you want an eventual romance with her, this is if you prefer a non gay relationship for romance. On the other way if you play fem Shepard let Kaidan live.

Romance in ME1 and 2 have importance in ME3 and particularly for Fem-Shep that has Kaidan as the only option for strait human romances.

I mention this because until recently there was not an editor for the PS3 games, then one is stuck when the decisions made in the first 2 games. I had very good endings for both games but still I changed a couple of things with the editor to allow more kind situations in ME 3.

Even when it is in a way a spoiler it is good to know which decisions affect the survival of "friends" in ME 3, they are available in the web.
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 10/20/12 09:18 PM

Yankee, I'm glad yours is working now. wave
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 11/03/12 02:09 PM

After finishing the three original campaigns, haven't played Ada's yet, I think mainly as when I started the game - it is not as good as originally expected by the critics and not as bad as they reviewed it after it was launched. It has many bothersome issues, first of all the lack on any manual at all, apart from it has many repeated parts that cross over for different characters and waste of time scenes, for example almost all doors have to be opened by two characters having to wait for the second character and say the standard roger or I don't want to and also escaping from monsters. On the bright side it has a lot of shooting and many hours of entertainment. Also in the plus side is the story, interesting, particularly the psychological change of Jake, Wesker's son, a cold-hearted mercenary only interested in money. He will "sell" his blood with special antibodies to save the world for a huge price. He will be escorted and protected by Sherry, an agent for the Division of Security Operations. This was easier said than done because Jake was also wanted by enemies. During the campaign there are a couple of times when Jake happens to actually protect Sherry very willfully and become a more caring human being.
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Re: Resident Evil 6, anyone playing? - 11/03/12 04:31 PM

Thanks Mcc wave