Posted by: PilotJack

GTA IV - 10/15/12 05:21 PM

I have followed the on screen instruction to hit the A key to ger into the helocopter in the A Revenge's Tragedy chapter. No matter how many times or how fact I hit the A botton I fail to get into the helocopter. What is the secret?
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: GTA IV - 10/15/12 07:14 PM

PilotJack, are you playing on a pc?
Posted by: PilotJack

Re: GTA IV - 10/18/12 03:05 PM

Yes as a matter of fact I am using a PC and using a keyboard and Lodgitech game controler
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: GTA IV - 10/18/12 03:18 PM

Pilot, are you stills stuck there? I found a video on how to fly the 'copter, but it doesn't say anything about getting in it. Can you change your "vehicle" button in settings?
Posted by: PilotJack

Re: GTA IV - 10/19/12 03:20 PM

I have had trouble with the helocopter in previous chapters but thd message provided to get into the helocopter says to hit the "A" button rapitdly, but no matter what this seem improper and has not worked thus far
Posted by: mcc

Re: GTA IV - 10/19/12 03:33 PM


Have you googled for GTA IV WT? There are several available, one of them may explain how to get into the helicopter. I didn't look because not having played the game I don't know where you are.