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Dishonored - 10/20/12 12:16 PM

Anyone playing this game? It is supposed to be very good. I'd like to know the opinion of fellow boomers.

I think it is too stealthy for me duh , I may wait until the price drops.
Posted by: marie

Re: Dishonored - 10/23/12 03:00 PM

I just finished playing the game and with special powers the stealth thing is a piece of cake, of course you have to collect Runes to get them, but in a couple missions with wise choices it not really a problem. You also have a crossbow with sleep darts that can aid in you getting a mission completed.

I found the story very intriging and I enjoyed playing the game very much.

Marie wave
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Re: Dishonored - 10/23/12 04:04 PM

Thanks marie wave
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Re: Dishonored - 10/23/12 08:01 PM

Thanks marie thanks

I played Metal Gear Solid 4 and Deus Ex Human Revolution, stealthy games but one can play them with a lot of stealth or almost nothing.

I will give it a try after I finish Resident Evil 6 that is less good than originally expected by the critics.
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Re: Dishonored - 10/23/12 10:24 PM

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Re: Dishonored - 10/25/12 11:13 AM

I hope you will enjoy playing the game and luck with your gaming.

I also played Deus Ex, and I thought it was very stealthy and challenging.

Marie wave
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Re: Dishonored - 10/25/12 11:44 AM

thanks for the good wishes!

I plan to start it in a few days, I let you know how I am doing.
Posted by: hugh

Re: Dishonored - 11/27/12 05:19 AM

May contain spoilers for first or second mission:

OK, I'm doing this 'Kill Overseer/save Curnow' mission which is probably the first proper mission in the game. I have a few questions.
I'm checking a walkthrough by Game Pressure when I get stuck. I'm in the secret room now with the Overseer & Curnow since I spilt the poisoned wine. I want to choke the Overseer but when I do so, Curnow gets these red bars of alert & runs away instead of thanking me like the WT says. Maybe they were joking, I don't know but would this cancel the optional mission of sparing him? Also would it count as an alert? I tried following him too & saw a guard tried to follow him with a sword drawn. Which brings me to another question. How long do guards stay unconscious? I remember choking every guard in the whole office building. Is there any WT that suggests where to dump the body? I want to spare Curnow & choke Overseer. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Never mind about the Curnow question. It worked this time : ) But Does anyone know of any detailed WT other than at Gamepressure?
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Re: Dishonored - 11/27/12 12:06 PM

Hiya Hugh,

I found several WT's by Googling. For instance I found This one at IGN and another one at Gamespot. I don't know if either is detailed enough for you though. luck
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Re: Dishonored - 11/27/12 01:10 PM


Do you have a saved game before that? If you save often it should be easy to go back and change the glasses around.
Posted by: hugh

Re: Dishonored - 11/29/12 04:03 AM

Thanks l4l. I had glimpsed the WT's you mentioned before but didn't properly check them. I'll check them again. mcc, yea, I do save often. It had worked the next time I loaded up the saved game twice. : )
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Re: Dishonored - 11/29/12 12:19 PM

Hugh, if those don't help let me know and I'll look again. wave
Posted by: mcc

Re: Dishonored - 11/30/12 09:19 PM

I started the game playing like a very nice character but after a while I carried on killing everything that moves as always devil

Good thing is that you have both options.
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Re: Dishonored - 12/01/12 10:54 AM

Mcc, love it. I usually will try to sneak past stuff, but my rule is if it attacks me, it dies. wave12
Posted by: Jarkeld

Re: Dishonored - 12/01/12 11:44 AM

I use the Thief approach for now: stealth and killing only when that fails. I'll try for a cleaner game when I start a second play-through.
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Re: Dishonored - 12/01/12 01:44 PM

Have fun wave12