Posted by: Drizzt

Amnesia - 11/04/12 02:44 PM

Well...I finally picked up Amnesia again (it has been on hiatus for...a year, now?) and it's really good. And scary.

I just got the acid from the laboratory, and saw my first monster there (though only a glimpse, haven't seen him since). I guess it was a somewhat scripted event.

Anyway, I have a question about sanity; being an avid Thief player, I am used to staying in the dark and avoiding light (I'm sure Hagatha understands. wink ) but I got a warning message about my sanity being dangerously low. If I stay in the dark for enough period of time, will something happen besides sluggish controls and blurry view? I've waited to see, but nothing happens. Also, is there any way to save the game except exiting to the main menu? I like my quicksaves...
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Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 02:52 PM

Drizzt, I haven't played Amnesia so I can;t help you, but it sounds like a game I would like. Call of Cthulu had the same feature, you might recall; your sanity went haywire every now and then and eventually you ended up completely bonkers and unable to play, requiring a reload and a slap upside the head.

But you've got me interested in Amnesia now - as though I hadn't already just bought about fifteen new/old games
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 02:52 PM

If you stay in the dark too long, bugs will start crawling around, things will get blurry and you might even pass out for a minute. But you can always get back up and try to find some light or turn on your lamp.

As far as I know the only way to save is through the menu. I wish it had Quicksave too...

The monsters are really creepy and can sneak up on you.
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Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 02:56 PM

Hagatha, I have not yet played DCotE, but the insanity is game-ending, right? I even heard of

Click to reveal..
at some point in the game, if you stare too long at a relic, your character takes out his gun and shoots himself!

It is on my very long "to play"-list. wink

I thought that bugs crawled around all the time? That noise is really annoying me, but maybe that's because I never stay in the light; I always move in the shadows.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 04:17 PM

Thanks Drac wave

Hagatha, let us know what you think if you play it.

Drizzt, good luck puppy
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Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 04:28 PM

Stay in the light as much as you can, but slink about in the dark when necessary. And if you hear the sound of one of the monsters, run like mad, crouch down and HIDE in the dark!

Hagatha, I have to put on my big girl panties when I play Amnesia... In fact, I cannot play it late at night all alone! It's just that scary.
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 04:39 PM

Drizzt, it can indeed be game-ending on Coc. Or at least game-stalling while you look for an earlier save that gives you a better chance.

CoC was a great game, I thought. Really terrifying in places - I mean, to the point where I almost couldn't look - except I had to, of course. And I love scary. There were two or three places where I was so panicked that I had to turn off the music. Seriously. And it never really lets up, all through the game.

Amnesia looks pretty good, too.
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Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 05:32 PM

Hagatha, did you experience graphical issues? I just tried it and for most part it looks good, but some things are very strange...for example, the water effects on the screen look very blocky, and some other things as well. Have you experienced this?

Draclvr, I prefer to sneak about like Garrett in Thief. razz But is there any risk of death or game over if I do that for too long, or is sluggish movement and a blurry screen the only penalties?

I really enjoy the way they have implemented the ability to see in the dark in this game; since it's never entirely pitch black, you can always see about a metre in front of you, but no further than that. And it takes some time after turning off the lamp for the character's eyes to adjust. Very neat, that.

If I was this Daniel guy I would just crush a window and jump out of the place (even if it seems to be in a desolate forest in the middle of winter).
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 05:36 PM

I never had staying in the dark too long be a game-ending problem. But it gets annoying to not be able to move around.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 07:54 PM

thumbsup to you scary game people. I'm too spooky to to play spooky games or watch spooky movies. You go, guys!
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Amnesia - 11/04/12 10:03 PM

Drizzt, I played CoC years ago on a much older machine that had XP on it. It ran flawlessly. I've not tried it on this laptop, which is Vista. I think you can get it on and I've found that most of their games run well on any of my machines.

If you like scary (remember the first run through Shalebridge Cradle? eek ), CoC would be a good one.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Amnesia - 11/05/12 01:49 PM

Brr....yes, please don't remind me about that one! But to be honest, I think that the Cathedral in the first game was even worse.
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Amnesia - 11/05/12 05:34 PM

The Cathedral and Return to the Cathedral were the first scary I ever played. I think it took me a week to get through the old town the first time I played Thief, until I worked out that you could lure the zombies into a tight circle and then explode them en masse with two or three well-placed grenades or arrows.

Ah, the good old days. grin
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Amnesia - 11/11/12 06:08 PM

Indeed! I still need to resume Amnesia, I've been too scared to play it, and too busy with other games. So many games, so little time. smile
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Re: Amnesia - 11/11/12 11:12 PM

Drizzt, we all share that problem wave