System Shock 2

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System Shock 2 - 02/17/13 06:55 AM

GOG has finally released the most requested game on the wishlist: System Shock 2!

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The second--and best!--game in the series stands all on its own as a masterpiece of gaming history. The starship Von Braun took a giant leap for mankind as it made its first interstellar journey. The mission was going as planned until a lone distress call from the Tau Ceti V sector was picked up. An away team was sent on a rescue mission, but once it arrived at its destination, there was no sign of any humans and the source of the signal remained unclear. They didn't realize something crucial, though: they brought something back with them when they returned. Now, you--a member of the ship's security team--awake from cryostasis to the sounds of screams of pain and horror as everything falls apart. The state-of-the-art spaceship becomes a deathtrap, and the only hope you have is the contemptuous whisper of a voice guiding you through the dark corridors, leading you towards the ominous secrets that lurk in the shadows.

A game like this is a masterpiece; you must experience it firsthand. System Shock™ 2 arguably offers the most intense storytelling in the history of computer games. It perfectly splices Sci-Fi with survival horror, FPS gameplay with character stats, upgrades, and inventory system of the role-playing genre, fast paced action with chilling terror. As you slowly and carefully explore your surroundings, the game begins to swallow you whole, and soon enough you feel completely immersed in the terrifying reality of an interstellar ghost-ship. Then, even years after your first contact with the game, just hearing the words "System Shock™ 2" will make your heart race. This is going to be a hell of a journey, for a pathetic creature of meat and bone such as yourself.

This game's spiritual successor is the BioShock series.

One of the truly great classics is now available again.
I did download and install several additional mods to upgrade the experience via this forum post
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THanks for the info Jarkeld, enjoy!

Ana wave
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Thanks Jarkeld wave
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This is one of my favourite games. I am something of a SS fiend. laugh

Might wait to buy it, though, since I've already played it many times and am poooor right now. :/
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Maybe you can get it for some upcoming celebration....birthday, Easter, etc thumbsup
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That would be nice! We tend not to buy Easter presents round here, though, and my birthday isn't until September. Still, maybe I can cut back on a few things; I'm sure I can scrounge up $10. razz
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Re: System Shock 2 - 02/21/13 08:23 AM

Hi Jarkeld, I too bought System Shock 2. I have it installed and installed the first mod they suggest and intend to install the others they recommend. I'm finding it a little tricky to download the mods. But I've started to have some success. Looking forward to seeing how the game looks when all mods (the major recommended ones) are added. I hope there is a mod to increase the print and hud. I can barely see them. Could lower my resolution till they are right sized, but I hate to do that.

Good luck with your game. I've started playing and I really enjoy it.
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Re: System Shock 2 - 02/22/13 05:36 PM

This url might help you:
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Good luck to you as well SharonB.
My character lacks a bit in the fighting/maintaining skills so I'm having a hard time on deck 1.

I have downloaded the pack mentioned in their forum and have installed all those mods. It looks quite nice. HUD is a bit on the small side, but I can live with that.