Crysis 3

Posted by: mcc

Crysis 3 - 02/19/13 12:09 PM

Coming tomorrow, I am looking forward to it. rah

HERE there is a review about it.
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/19/13 01:56 PM

WooHooo Mcc, you'll have to let us know how your experience stacks up against the review. thanks wave
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/19/13 03:55 PM

Yup, that just might be a fine game but look at that thing about PS4!!!!!!!!!! It better be on the market soon -lots of us have been waiting for it. The game -stealthstealth and more. The bow insteade of guns might be a little getting used to but should be fun.

Thanks for the reminder mcc -I had forgotten all about that game
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/19/13 04:25 PM

And Amazon has it today as Deal of the day at $39.99 smile

I am playing Dead Space 3 and probably will for some time, it is no too easy and I didn't do my best, I may need to start again since either I continue or start over, no chance or loading chapters frown

Yankee in case you haven't seen it HERE there is some information on PS4
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/19/13 08:55 PM

The PS 4 social aspect doesn't appeal to me that much. Those PS 4 and X-Box 720 games ought to be most fantastic. As for Crysis 3 if it's for PC too I'll get that...........because..........I just bought a new Asus gaming cmptr and it's great, really. It's a 7 , they had 8 but the last time I bought a state of the art cmptr, I got burned and how.

I'm playing the devil may cry series games - DMC 5 is good. Not so much gothic like the others but surreal(spelling) and a bit of the god of war play.

I really want to know who emerged from that escape pod.
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/20/13 09:35 AM

mcc, don't feel bad if you start dead space over. I've re-started manymany games. Actually if you start a game on easy and learn the combos and realise what you're supposed to look for and then restart maybe you can play it on normal.

Did youm ever play Resistance 3 on difficult. Remember you had that gun with unlimited ammo -wow a gamers dream.

happy gaming
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/20/13 02:26 PM

Wow new computer smile , you were looking forward to one after getting burned.

Well ... I think now I am able to follow on without the need of restart, it is a question of how many health potions accumulated vs. enemy power. One has 2 mini robots (scavengers) that can be use to bring materials for making several things, at first I hardly used them so I don't have as many materials as I could have. I probably play a game +, if I can finish this now, knowing all the details.

Yes, I managed to beat Resistance 3 on difficult using the unlimited ammo and later without using it rah , but it took a lot of perseverance.
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/21/13 02:14 PM

RE: Resistance 3 on hard -I'm jealous, I could never do that. Good for you
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/22/13 03:28 PM

Congrats in your new Asus! I use an Asus Republic of Gamers laptop that is my joy, and it has 7 cause 8 wasn't out when I bought it from Amazon. What a great, great machine! My first Asus RoG laptop was a referb older one that worked great but had issues with the space bar on the keyboard breaking. It got lots and lots of use. It's now my back-up if I need one. Good luck and have fun with your new baby!
Andrea wave
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Re: Crysis 3 - 02/22/13 07:05 PM

Thanks Andrea. It was a tossup, laptop or the desk model. In a couple years I'll probably get the laptop but right now I'll just review the market. Looking around for some good shooters for it -but it sure delivers zuma and ricochet first rate. They told me Asus is an excellent gaming cmptr.