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Skyrim - 02/21/13 08:36 AM

I briefly started playing Skyrim from the beginning yesterday. I created a lovely Breton lady and tried to get away from the imperials. This worked to a point, but I'm not very good at moving around yet and I keep walking into doors, throwing baskets around and generally making a nuisance of myself. I'm trying to escape Helgen, but now I'm lost. I think I'm with Ralof or whatever his name is, but he's nowhere to be found. I'm in the tunnel and nowhere near where I should be. I'd start this game over, but I created someone I like and I don't want to lose that character. I didn't save my game till the end.

Well, I just wander around and eventually find my way out. I'm in no hurry. I like to stop and look at things till I become more familiar with them.

Anyone else playing this interesting game?
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Re: Skyrim - 02/21/13 11:34 AM

Hi ya Sharon wave

We've had some avid Skyrim players here. There are lots of threads about it. For instance This one, or This one, and even, One here.

Have fun!
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Re: Skyrim - 02/21/13 02:25 PM

There is alot of walkthrough literature on this game. Try wiki/cheats/skyrim maybe that will get you back on track. Also there's a published guide.
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Re: Skyrim - 02/21/13 06:27 PM

There should be a marker on your compass at the top of the screen that should help point you in the right direction to go. And are you playing on a PC? If so, hitting the M key will bring up your map. smile
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Re: Skyrim - 02/22/13 11:46 AM

I play on xbox - my pc can't handle skyrim. I get confused about the marker at the top of the screen.

I think I just need time and a little work to understand what I'm doing and how to do it. I only just learned that to pick something up and add it to your inventory you have to double click the A button. If you single click the A then you are picking it up. I don't understand how to put it down again. Some how I just keep tossing stuff around.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. I'm not. I like the game, I just have to get used to it. Why in no time I'll be tossing stuff around to great effect! Maybe hitting an enemy! evil

Thanks for the info.

Sharon catrub
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Sharon, I totally understand! Son kept telling me to click on a certain thing at a vendor and I kept insisting I didn't have that choice. So finally he came out to my PC, took my mouse and scrolled down so I could see all the menu choices I didn't realize I had. rotfl

I hope you get it all figured out soon.
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Re: Skyrim - 02/22/13 01:16 PM

The marker on your compass can be confusing if you have more than one quest checked in your journal. Go to your journal and select only the quest you want to do. Then only one location will show. As soon as you finish a quest check the log book again. Once you become more familiar with the logbook/map you can then choose multiple quests if they are related or take place in the general vicinity. Good luck. smile
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Yes, I wish there were a way to have multiple differently-coloured objective markets. It would make navigation a bit easier.

And I've never played an Elder Scrolls game on anything other than a PC, so I sympathise with you about the controls! They do sound a bit cryptic. :S
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Re: Skyrim - 02/24/13 06:02 AM

Well, I have to make a confession. When I tried to play Skyrim I did not look for the owner's manual. Instead I tried to figure it out for myself. Couldn't tell what LS was to LT or LB but found a diagram that described these controls and was satisfied. Never did take the time to look for any kind of manual. Or else I just didn't find it in the Skyrim XBOX box. I was looking for a manual for the xbox itself.

You guessed it, I finally came across the Skyrim Xbox manual and it was chock full of lots of information that would have made my life a great deal easier. Not to mention I found a very nice map of skyrim.

I expect now I will be able to make progress a little more easily now that I know what the controls are supposed to do. Whew... slapforehead

All this frustration so easily solved if I had had the manual from the start.

Thanks for all your help and input Boomers! praise

Although they didn't tell me one thing. When trying to create my avatar her body/face turned to the left so I couldn't clearly see her face to make any alterations. Is there a way to manipulate their position so you can be sure to have full frontal face??

Thanks for all the help. hearts
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Re: Skyrim - 02/24/13 11:29 AM

Sharon, so glad you found the manual! I don't remember the character creation system, but as I played on PC, my experience would most likely be different than yours. luck
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Re: Skyrim - 02/24/13 05:01 PM

I play on a pc but I use an xbox controller for windows. Whenever I've made a new character, the right stick was always able to turn the character's face back and forth.
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Re: Skyrim - 02/24/13 08:18 PM

I have a question for Skyrim players:

I played Skyrim about a year ago and have now downloaded Dawnguard abd Dragonborn. When I first loaded up the game with my previous character, Lydia was still my companion. I told her we would part ways for a while and she said she will wait "at home". I now want her back but can't find her. I've looked in my houses at Whiterun and Solitude but she is not there. Where does the game consider her to be "home" so I can ask her back? think
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Re: Skyrim - 02/24/13 08:41 PM

She should be at Breezehome, your house in Whiterun, unless she's gotten stuck or killed somewhere. Are you on the pc? You can use console codes to transport your character to her. You would type in "player.moveto 000A2C94". Without the quotes, of course. laugh
Posted by: SharonB

Re: Skyrim - 02/24/13 09:12 PM

AnneG thank you! I'll go back and try that again. Thanks for the info! praise
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Re: Skyrim - 02/24/13 09:45 PM

No prob, Sharon!
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Re: Skyrim - 02/25/13 12:51 PM

Thank you, Anne. Lydia was not in Breezehome but in Skyhaven Temple. She claimed she was now a Blade. Since it's been about a year since I played I had forgotten about this. I did have a problem with the consul command. When I had Lydia join me again she wouldn't fast travel with me any more. I used the consul only to find out where she was. So what I did was that I reloaded to before meeting Lydia again. Then I asked Lydia to join me and marched her out the front entrance. She is now fast travelling with me again. If I took her to the other exit (where the practise fighting was),she wouldn't follow. Strange, but I'm glad it's working now. Onward to starting the Dragonborn expansion.
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Re: Skyrim - 02/25/13 01:16 PM

Lydia was always my favorite until the DLC Dragonborn and then Serana stole my heart.
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Re: Skyrim - 02/25/13 01:59 PM

Rowan - Oh good! I'm so glad you found her. Hanging out with the Blades. As much as I love this game, it does act pretty strangely sometimes. Hope you and Lydia have some great times in Solstheim. laugh

oldman - Yeah, I liked Serana a lot too. In fact, I'd never really liked followers much until her. The only thing that annoys me about her is that we get into a fight with multiple enemies she will resurrect any corpse around she can to help us fight. She's even resurrected rabbits, for heaven's sake. *lol*
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Re: Skyrim - 02/25/13 02:49 PM

Originally Posted By: AnneG
Yeah, I liked Serana a lot too. In fact, I'd never really liked followers much until her. The only thing that annoys me about her is that we get into a fight with multiple enemies she will resurrect any corpse around she can to help us fight. She's even resurrected rabbits, for heaven's sake. *lol*

rotfl wave