PS 4

Posted by: mcc

PS 4 - 02/21/13 05:34 PM

Coming for the holidays smile

However they say - keep your PS3 handy. It'll be the only way you can play any PS3 game, whether on disc or purchased digitally

HERE there is a list of confirmed games.
Posted by: gremlin

Re: PS 4 - 02/21/13 07:05 PM

It's pretty clear from the overt emphasis upon 'social' gaming concerns that the PS brand is leaving people like me behind.

I don't make friends easily (read: I'm a bit prickly, and I'm not easy to get close to), and the gadfly-like nature of the online gaming just turns me off completely. (Not to mention the intolerance I've experienced when trying to learn new skills in places like WoW)

So, as it stands, I won't be investing in a PS4 ... mind you we've only had a PS3 in the house for a year or two, and that was bought 2nd hand, so I'm not exactly in the first tranche of first adopters for these things anyway smile

One final thought. There was a tweet quoted by the BBC article on the PS4 release event: "If you think its not OMG then you didn't understand what you saw." ... well then colour-me dumb, because maybe that's just the big problem ... Sony failed to make me understand ... isn't that the job of these marketing releases?
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: PS 4 - 02/21/13 08:35 PM

Mcc, thanks!

Gremlin, Sony is leaving us behind as well.

I'm sorry you were given a hard time in WoW. We have GameBoomers Guild on Drakka, and we'd love to have you come join us.
Posted by: Rushes

Re: PS 4 - 02/22/13 04:28 AM

So the PS4 won't be backwards compatible with earlier games? eek I haven't read up much about this version, mainly because I only bought a PS3 (new) last month and don't want to be thinking "OMG" about a newer console already.

But I'm not especially into social gaming either, apart from Journey, which I bumbled on about recently over at Discussions. Bliss on a stick, that game.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: PS 4 - 02/22/13 12:12 PM

I hate that Sony made the choice to not be backward compatible. I have read that the newest XBox is taking the same path. sad
Posted by: AnneG

Re: PS 4 - 02/22/13 12:46 PM

Oh, man. Now that means we won't be able to get rid of the PS3 for a while after purchasing 4, unless they plan to release it with a whole lot of games right off the bat.
Posted by: Yankee Clipper

Re: PS 4 - 02/22/13 02:15 PM

That's a fine site, thanks mcc. Did you watch the video? Those new games are fabulous can'tcan't wait. Kilzone 4 and Destiny oh my. They are better than movies. With games like those it doesn't have to be backward comp.

mcc, you are a good detective.
Posted by: Pokey

Re: PS 4 - 02/22/13 02:25 PM

Quite a few people, including myself, bought the PS3 to play The Last Guardian when it is released. With all the delay, we will have to buy a PS4 to play the game if it is ever released. I will be waiting a long time before I buy one.
Posted by: luv2travel

Re: PS 4 - 02/22/13 03:14 PM

I'm not planning on buying PS4 either. I also just purchased my PS3 a few months ago. I don't have a huge collection of games like I did for my PS2.
Gremlin, please join our WoW GB guild on Draka realm and have fun with us! We're an easy-peasy group of players who delight in helping other players.
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Posted by: Smiley456

Re: PS 4 - 02/22/13 05:02 PM

I've had my PS3 for two years, but there's only 3 games that I've spend my time playing (on the PS3). Valkyria Chronicles, SoulCalibur IV & V. So no PS4 for me.

Adding the fact that games that are made today, are more about looking great (graphic wise), instead of offering an engaging story/plot line that adds replay value.
Posted by: mcc

Re: PS 4 - 02/22/13 06:25 PM

My decision about buying it or not will be mainly based on the possibility or not of playing pre-owned games. I buy many games for PS3 pre-owned and trade in a lot keeping only the very special to me, then I save money. If this is not longer possible I will probably buy games for the PC.
See some comments about this issue HERE
Posted by: gremlin

Re: PS 4 - 02/23/13 10:23 AM

looney4labs and luv2travel, thanks for the invites to the guild, but I gave up my WoW subscription more than a year ago (possibly 2 years now!), and I've no intention of giving Blizzard any more of my money (after the forced-online debacle that was Diablo III).
Posted by: luv2travel

Re: PS 4 - 02/23/13 02:49 PM

That's OK Gremlin. I didn't enjoy D3 either. If you ever change your mind on WoW,though, we're there for you. I had to try to get into WoW 3 times before I got into it properly with friends to help. I was turned off by the pixy brains who populate the WoW world the first 2 times. I'm really glad I didn't give up since I finally found all the fun and enjoyment of our special guild.
Andrea wave