My Racing Career

Posted by: Xmarine

My Racing Career - 03/07/13 01:50 PM

Hey guys a few months a go i came across this game called My Racing career its a FREE TO PLAY web browser game.
Its about working your way up from Formula 3 series to the Big series like Indy Series, Nascar or Formula 1.
U create your own driver and hire staff to train skills even faster.
There are more then 100 tracks to race on, and 30 drivers attending each race.
U can practise (6 stints test) do a Quali and race in 3 single races at a time, and join other Series.
Everytime u do some laps in the testing your driver wil give u feedback what to change, the more laps u do the more data.
When u finish a race u can watch the data back from every single lap, so u can see who he overtake or lost time etc.

-Link- My racing Career
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THis is more than action than casual so I will move this to the action forum.

Ana wave
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Ow oke sry for posting it on the wrong place smile
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Hi ya Xmarine, and welcome to Gameboomers wave