Morrowind Mods on Steam?

Posted by: Tracy

Morrowind Mods on Steam? - 03/25/13 10:49 PM

Hi everyone. Recently I bought Morrowind and the DLCs on Steam because I didn't have my game disc and it's been really great---no issues with running both DLCs at once, etc. Well, now that I'm almost finished with the quests I'd love to add some mods, but after looking around on Steam I haven't really found any. Just wondering if there ARE Steam mods for Morrowind, or if maybe the game is so old that the regular mods are the only ones available?

Thanks for your help!
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Morrowind Mods on Steam? - 03/26/13 10:13 AM

This thread Here should help you.

Ana wave
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Morrowind Mods on Steam? - 03/26/13 10:47 AM

Thanks Ana, wave

Tracy, did you find a way to do the mods?
Posted by: AnneG

Re: Morrowind Mods on Steam? - 03/27/13 05:55 PM

Or if you're asking if there is a Steam Workshop for Morrowind mods, like there is for Skyrim, then, no, there isn't. They don't have it for Oblivion either.

There are plenty of mods on Morrowind Nexus though. smile
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Morrowind Mods on Steam? - 03/28/13 11:48 AM

Thanks AnneG wave
Posted by: Tracy

Re: Morrowind Mods on Steam? - 03/28/13 08:12 PM

Hi again you guys. Well, I have alot of Morrowind mods from when I played using my game disc, but I wasn't sure how to use mods while playing Morrowind through Steam. Going to try Ana's link and see if maybe the guys there can help me out. I used to use some great mods for Mournhold and I miss them like crazy! Plus, there is one that lets you join all 3 houses, which was SO cool! smile

Thanks so much everyone---glad you're here!