Mass Effect 2

Posted by: oldman

Mass Effect 2 - 05/23/13 04:11 PM

Hi All,

I just played the demo of this game and found that it was a shooter with a good story that I can enjoy so went ahead and purchased the set of ME 1 and 2. I don't usually prefer plain shooter games but this seems like a good blend of RPG/Shooter as it has a strong story line and side quests thrown in.

Will be starting with ME 1 because everything I've read suggests that. It's not even close to a skyrim game but then again what is? lol

Anyway looks like an enjoyable game.
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/23/13 04:19 PM

I found them to be quite enjoyable. Mainly because of the story that is being told.
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/23/13 05:13 PM

I liked them mostly due to Jennifer Hale voicing Femshep razz
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/23/13 06:37 PM

Have fun, Oldman, and come back and let us know what you think wave
Posted by: lanlynk

Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/23/13 08:26 PM

I was vacillating about buying Mass Effect 2. I didn't know whether to get the first one also or not. Then I checked today, and apparently the sale at Amazon is over for the Mass Effect games. The other game sales are still on. I guess I'll have to wait for the next sale. duh

BTW, I saw (somewhere) a bundled set of 1 & 2 like the one you must have bought, but now I can't find it. Checked several sites. Where did you get yours? Was it download or hardcopy?

I'm sure you'll enjoy the games!

EDIT: Hmm, maybe I was thinking about the BioShock 1 & 2 bundle, not one for Mass Effect. I've been looking at too many games lately!
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/23/13 11:06 PM

I got my bundle on Steam. It wasn't on sale but it was 39.99 for the pair.
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/23/13 11:47 PM

Thanks, oldman. Let us know how the games go. I'm curious to hear if there are a lot of player choices that affect the plot, like BioWare's Dragon Age series.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/26/13 07:27 PM

Well back again. I am probably three quarters of the way through ME1 and I do like it a lot.

It reminds me somewhat of KOTOR but only in style and story. The controls are unique in them selves and there is a lot to do and remember in controlling your party.

There is a good plot and several side quests and, yes, there are decisions that effect the story line as well.

All in all, I would recommend the game.

I'm basically going through the main plot to finish this particular story line and continue on to ME2 as I've read that it is an improved version and most recommend finishing ME1 first. I will probably replay ME1 later to pick up all the side quests. Anyway it's on to save the world from the evil doers.
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/26/13 11:00 PM

Thanks Oldman wave It's always nice to hear what you guys think of games.
Posted by: lanlynk

Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/27/13 12:21 AM

Hi, oldman. Thanks for the info. Glad to hear it's a good game. I thought it might be a little like KOTOR. Sure enjoyed those games too.

Are you going to import your ME1 character into ME2? I think you do that with a save. If you do, ME2 is suppose to take note of all the important decisions you made in ME1 and will build on that.

When my sister and I played the Dragon Age games, we imported our character saves. The next game acknowledged who we had chosen for king/queen, who died, who lived, what our end-game decision had been, etc. Some of the side quests in the second game also were available for follow-up (or not) depending on decisions we made in the first game.
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/27/13 01:06 PM

Thanks Lan, that is good to know wave
Posted by: mcc

Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/27/13 03:35 PM

Very good games, I am a fan of this series (apart from the controversial endings). Oldman and lanlynk, every decision counts not just in the game one is playing but affects the the outcome of the three games. In ME2 I had to read a wiki and replay a part to be able to save everyone.
Small decisions can get one member of your team killed for apparent no reason.
When playing ME2, unless you don't care who survives and who doesn't or you want to make decisions no matter what, it is good to read a wiki about how to save all your team members. Most decision are not obvious at all, e.g. at some moment to look for a spare part to improve the ship much later on.
Posted by: lanlynk

Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/27/13 04:23 PM

Mcc, this is what I was wondering about and one of the main reasons I keep hesitating to get involved in the series.

I loved Dragon Age. (My GameBoomer avatar is a pic of my main Dragon Age Origins character.) I enjoyed being so immersed in the storyline, knowing that my choices would make my game unique, that I wasn't just railroaded through a story. BUT by the time I got into DA2, I was seeing a negative to this decision-making thing. The biggest issue is that I DO care what happens to characters and NPCs in games. Too much!

My sister and I were playing these games together, and anytime the smallest choices came up, we would call each other and debate and agonize. I'd go online and read comments in forums about pros and cons. I didn't want to read spoilers, but I also didn't want to make a decision I would regret later. The process became almost overbearing to me. I'm sure part of this is just my personality.

Also, it was difficult to keep my character's actions consistent, in line with the type of person I had created. Some of the decisions were either/or and not choices I would have naturally made. I understand that games can't include the gazillion choices that exist in real life. And true, sometimes even in real life, we are faced with choices of the "lesser of two evils." But still I fretted. crazy

And finally, you talked about endings. Dragon Age 1 (Origins) ended for me in a less than pleasing way--based on choices I made trying to be true to my character's approach to life.
Click to reveal..
She had to sacrifice herself. She died!

So, I guess what I'm saying is that while I enjoyed the idea of choices and how realistic they made the games, they also were a huge burden for me. Like I said, I suppose I just take these things too seriously and can't detach myself the way others can. I'd probably make a lousy goddess or monarch! lol
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/27/13 05:17 PM

You can get the Mass Effect Trilogy now! Both on dvd on via digital download.Link here:
(this takes you, I think to EA's Danish page - Nad no, you can't eat it wink - just do a google search for Mass Effect Trilogy and EA...)

Please also note that there is a dlc for ME1, named Bring down the sky. And for ME2, there are several DLCs, I think. If you do decide to get ME3 (or the bundle!), please do get the Extended Cut. There are 2-3 DLCs more for ME3, e.g. From Ashes, Citadel and I think, one more? (maybe two?) You can get them via Bioware's homepage. (you'll need to click on games in the topmenu, though).

As for the gameplay itself, in ME1 and ME2, you can hit spacebar to pause the game. In ME3, you get to choose if you want the play for the story or for the combat.

Also, try to steer clear of certain - ehm - mission in ME2. It should however be rather clear what I'm talking about, when you start an ME2 game....

evil doers....the reapers..? I just thought they were some sort of supernatural force...?
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/28/13 10:57 AM

Thanks Karsten wave
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 05/30/13 02:48 PM

Well I am into ME2 now and can tell you that I am pretty disappointed. It seems to be geared more towards the shooter aspect than the RPG. In ME2 there is no inventory and you have to upgrade and everything by finding an armory. There is also no real area map. In most areas that you are in when you hit the map key you just have a circle in the lower right hand corner that has a pointer showing you the direction you need to go. When you get into a major city then an area map will appear. Also the key mapping was completely different in ME2 than it was in ME1. Fortunately you can remap them so I did that because I was already familiar with the ME1 settings.

All in all (and these are just my preferences) I prefer ME1 and don't think I will even try ME3 unless I can read somewhere that ME3 has returned to the familiar ground of the basic game.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Mass Effect 2 - 07/04/13 02:59 PM

Well I've finished ME1 as previously stated and am almost to the end of ME2 and have been reading and getting mixed reactions to ME3 so thought I'd ask to see if any Boomers have played the entire series.

There are those who really have negative things to say about ME3 and those who really like it. The most negative comments I've read are about the ending and, although one may not like an ending, I can't see that being a reason to dis the whole game.

Anyway if any on you have played the entire series I'd like any thoughts, pro or con, you may have.

If I get ME3 I have to go with Origin as Steam is not carrying it. Not a deciding factor as I have accounts with both.
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 07/04/13 05:27 PM

Oldman, you might get more responses with a separate thread on ME3. luck
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 07/04/13 06:54 PM

Thank you but I didn't want to get sent to MaG's and Brown Eyed Tiger's "naughty corner" for starting multiple threads. blush rotfl
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 07/04/13 07:05 PM

lol Oldman, I think you'd be safe. ME3 is not the same game as ME2 wave
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Re: Mass Effect 2 - 07/07/13 09:31 AM

The ending is most certainly NOT the only problem with Mass Effect 3. The game is full of ridicolous fetch quests without any real structure, it is extremely linear, the writing is really subpar (even for Bioware), a lot of the dialogue is on rails without any player input and there are almost no occurences of any major choices or consequences.

The abysmal ending (seriously, what were they thinking?!) is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the game is a somewhat mediocre third-person shooter, but compared to the other games it's absolutely awful. Also, the developers flat out lied when they stated that "each and every decision you make will have a profound effect on the ending of the series". That is simply not true. So in the end, what they gave us was a rushed, simplified shooter which contained nothing of what they promised.