Deus Ex (The Original)

Posted by: Bristol

Deus Ex (The Original) - 06/01/13 11:07 AM

This is out of the Ark I know, but I've managed to get it running on Windows 8. Benn awhile since I played and thought I'd do the training session first. Question is - does anyone have any hints on jumping from one platform to another? Can't seem to get it right.
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Re: Deus Ex (The Original) - 06/01/13 01:15 PM

All I could find is to use the space and insert key.
You can get augmented though.

Let's wait for the experts in jumping. lol
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Re: Deus Ex (The Original) - 06/02/13 01:38 PM

I haven't out ow to jump in the game (deus ex), but I did find this on Gamebanshee. Here's their advice:

Before we begin, be sure you're playing with the latest patch, version 1112mf, which is an approximate 37mb download. If you have the Game of the Year edition, you're either there or at 1109f, in which case you'd only need the 1109 to 1112mf 4.5mb patch, which is a little more difficult to find. The good thing is that the standalone 1112mf (multiplayer/single player) patch will upgrade any version, so download that if you're unsure.


As for jumping in this game (deus ex), I'v found this site:

Jump seems to be done this way:
Hit the spacebar, then hit insert or hit the spacebar and the insert key at once.

Hope this helps smile
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Re: Deus Ex (The Original) - 06/02/13 01:58 PM

Thanks MaG wave

Thanks Kirsten wave

Did that help Bristol?
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Re: Deus Ex (The Original) - 06/02/13 08:51 PM

Hitting the insert and space bar at the same time did the trick. Just sailed through the air! Now trying to sneak through to the door in the North.
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Re: Deus Ex (The Original) - 06/02/13 10:33 PM

WooHoo....happydance luck