Witcher 1 & 2 Digital Backups @ GOG

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Witcher 1 & 2 Digital Backups @ GOG - 06/13/13 07:00 PM

I just found out that, for Witcher 1 or 2 games you already own, you can get free digital backup copies at GOG, no matter where you bought the games originally, either boxed or downloaded. So you can take advantage of the Steam sale (referenced below) and not have to play the games using Steam, or you can use product keys from your disc versions, but use GOG's digital copies as a backup source.

In my case, I had already bought the games from Amazon and had updated them to the EE versions (which are DRM free already), but decided to have another backup option with GOG. I got the Witcher 2 game listed with GOG without a problem. My Witcher 1 game was a few years older and the activation key I used from Amazon wasn't recognized, so I had to go through a couple of other steps to get a new product code.

Hope my explanations aren't too confusing!

To get you digital backup copies at GOG

For help with getting a new product key

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Steam Weekend Deal. Offer ends June 17. 66% off

Witcher Enhanced Edition: $3.39
Witcher 2 EE: $6.79
Prima Guides for W2 are also on sale.

Witcher Franchise Weekend Sale at Steam
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Re: Witcher 1 & 2 Digital Backups @ GOG - 06/13/13 09:31 PM

Thanks Lan wave
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Re: Witcher 1 & 2 Digital Backups @ GOG - 06/13/13 10:53 PM

Yup, I posted this in the Witcher 3 thread. I got both my Witcher 1 and my updated Witcher 2 from GOG using my original codes. I didn't want to do it like that as I had ordered the boxed versions to avoid the downloads with the dreadful "throttling" issue on my wireless broadband. I whined very loudly on the Witcher forums! But, bless GOG for letting me download my games without paying again.

I'm loving all the renewed interest in Witcher 1!
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Re: Witcher 1 & 2 Digital Backups @ GOG - 06/14/13 03:06 PM

@Draclvr: I went back and read your post. I missed it when I was skimming through the thread before. smile This was also mentioned over on a Steam forum, where I did pick up on it.

I agree about having discs for installs rather than always downloading since my ISP service is also slow. But it seems like digital is taking over the game world! I used to read several complaints over on Amazon from people thinking they were buying discs only to find the CD just held an online game code. Frustrating. I think Amazon is much better now at making it clearer whether you're getting a code or the game--and whether you need an account with Steam, EA, or other site to activate a game.

I have several games that I've bought from GOG. It's a great place. A lot of their games, though, I already had on discs since they're older games that came out before the big download trend. Nice option to have a back-up source if something does happen to those precious discs though!
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Re: Witcher 1 & 2 Digital Backups @ GOG - 06/15/13 08:30 AM

Thanks for letting us know about the sale and the free backup Lanlynk! I wouldn't have known otherwise. I now have both Witchers Enhanced on GOG and the original Witcher on Disk and Witcher 2 on Steam along with the Witcher 2 Prima Guide on Steam. I'm getting so many games! How will I ever play them all??? I'll have to live long enough to finish them all...
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Re: Witcher 1 & 2 Digital Backups @ GOG - 06/15/13 10:57 AM

SharonB, that is a great way to look at it...wave