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Gamestop? - 06/17/13 05:03 PM

I just went to that site and saw Elder Scrolls listed there I have long wanted to play this game but is says it is a multiplayer game can one just play it by themselves. Also is there combat in this game and lastly is there a CD out there that doesnt cost $60 I am on limited income and cant go that way on Gamestop.Didnt realize this was a dark side game what is dark about it?Sorry to have taken up anyones time with this notice there is combat in this game and I am not good at combat I get killed in the first 3 seconds. Have arthritus in my hands and fingers not fast enough to wield a sword or knife. I am disappointed as I really wanted to try this game out. Sorry.
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/17/13 05:32 PM

Sorry, Dutch, yes there is combat in Elder Scrolls. There is a lot of exploration and crafting, etc...but there is also combat.

Darkside is just a joke...from Star Wars....Adventure games are the Lightside and we are the opposite, or Darkside. Nothing dark about it, per se. lol wave
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/17/13 06:22 PM

Dutch when you say Elder Scrolls it is not clear what you want. There are several Elder Scrolls games (5 I believe). Morrowind is Elder Scrolls 3 and the latest is Skyrim. If you are talking in the financial range you mentioned then Skyrim was probably the game you were looking at.

Two suggestions. If you are not adverse to downloading games then you can go to Steam and get some pretty good deals on the games.
I would recommend starting with Morrowind but that's just me.

As for the combat and not being able to handle it efficiently there are cheats for the game where you can put your character in god mode and not worry about combat. That way you would still be able to do the quests and explore the game and I think you would really enjoy it.

If not of this appeals to you then the Elder Scroll games are probably not for you. But I say it's worth the try and just maybe you'll like them and work your way up to Skyrim.
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/17/13 06:36 PM

I went to Gamestop and it appears dogpenny may be looking at Elder Scrolls V Skyrim for $60.

I agree with oldman and would recommend starting with Elder Scrolls III Morrowind if you are interested in trying a Darkside game. The combat is mostly madly clicking your mouse, but like oldman says, you can get into godmode and not have to worry about dying. You can get Morrowind for less than $20 many places. I found mine at Walmart for $10, but that's been several years ago.
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/19/13 02:54 PM

Thank you everyone for your help will give it a try.
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/19/13 06:09 PM

Let us know what you think wave
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/20/13 07:01 PM

Hi dogpenny smile

There is indeed an elder scrolls game that is a multiplayer game. It it called elderscrolls online. Pleae look here:

As for the other Elder Scrolls games, you can get Morrowind or Oblivion for much less than $60.

The best thing, I've found, about the the Elder Scrolls games is this: You don't have to do to a lot of the quests at all. You can just wander around looking at the beautilfull scenery, picking flowers etc. As for the combat, yes there are combat in these games. However there is a difficulry slider you can turn all the way way down to easy mode (or very easy, maybe).

And as the others have said, combat is mostly clicking with your mouse. You're able to sneak also. My best advice would be this: play an archer type character, get a bow, and sneak up on people, either from a distance or with a dagger.

As for the controls, I think? you can play these games, Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim with an Xbox 360 controller. It is sometimes easier for people who have arthritis (sp?) to play games using a controller for xbox 360 (or for ps3).