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Miasmata - 06/19/13 04:20 PM

Has anyone played Miasmata? I was looking for something a little different in the GOG Summer Sale and found this.

Miasmata at GOG
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It's an action/adventure so I will move you to the DArkside.
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Hi ya Lan

I don't see any chatter at GB about it, but I found lots of reviews on the web. This one on youtube gives you a good idea of the game play. If you'd rather read than watch, This one will give you a general idea.

Let us know what you think if you get it. wave
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Thanks for the links, looney4labs! It looks like this is one of those games that are difficult to classify. Several reviewers said that at times it could be relaxing while at other times, tense. There's a stalking creature in the wilderness, but the game does not emphasize combat. You do a lot of exploring and gathering flora, making potions. You also have to create your own map, so to speak, by triangulating your location from man-make landmarks.

I did check to see if there was an overriding time limit for the game. And no, there's not. As long as you're sleeping and taking care of yourself, you're not going to fail at "solving the problem at hand." There are no requirements that something has to be done in so many days.

I'm going to give it a shot. It's on sale for $3.74, regularly $14.99.

Here's a link to a good Wiki for the game:
Miasmata Wiki

The game's available on Steam too (not on sale right now, though). They have a forum and some guides.
Steam Forum for Miasmata
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Let us know what you think of it, Lan wave