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WOW?? - 10/17/13 10:47 PM

HI YA~ wave

How do I get to Pandara?? do I have to makr
one of those Panda ninji guys to get
their?? Thanks~Doc puppy
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Re: WOW?? - 10/18/13 10:12 AM

Doc, glad to see you posting. You need to have a character at least level 85, and then you can pick up a quest from the Hero Board to talk to the King. He'll send you out to talk to an NPC in front of the castle who will tell you to board an airship and then the Panda fun begins.

You don't need to be a Panda to go. wave
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Re: WOW?? - 10/20/13 01:23 AM


i'M playing a Night elf hunter lvl 77
I just finished all the quests
in Boren tundra, Gtizzly Hilla.
Dregonlight, Howling ford~
where do I go next??

Thanks for all your hrlp~
how are your doggies??

Doc puppy
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Re: WOW?? - 10/20/13 04:43 PM

Doc, Zul'drak and Ice Crown will get you to 80 luck
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Re: WOW?? - 10/22/13 02:21 PM

thanks L4L

How do you get to Pandora?? do you have to
play the panda niinji bear to get their?
have you and soot and boys played them yeat?

is our GB Guild doing anything?

Thanks again for all your help~Doc
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Re: WOW?? - 10/22/13 05:30 PM

Doc, good to see you on.

You can't get to Pandaria until you are level 85. You don't have to be a's for everyone.

Once you are 85, you will get a quest to see the King who will start a quest chain that will take you to Pandaria.

Guild has been quiet for a while. Soot and I are mostly playing Guild Wars2 these days, though we will definitely get back to WoW at some point. luck