Play Any Old Stuff ??

Posted by: Mad

Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 12:12 PM

I still really enjoy both Betrayal in Antara and Return to Krondor.

[Sadly had to give up on Betrayal at Krondor. The very ancient graphics began to affect my eyes - and the re-mastered version (don't know if it ever got made) wasn't sticking to the original game.]

But I was a latecomer to RPGs so I bet some of you diehards here re-play even older stuff ?? lol
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 12:13 PM

I would love to play Zanzarah again! Magical game!
Posted by: Trail_Mystic

Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 04:30 PM

Even though I left gaming for several years, my favorites were the ones with which I first came in contact; the Forgotten Realm series based on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rule sets from the late 70's. I still have the Commodore 64 versions of several of the games and ones that were updated to play on Win 98, but it would be nice if someone would bring them into today's graphical standards. They were mainly text based with crude 8 bit graphics, tinny midi-music and dialogue, but I can still get into the games even today. Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Gateway to the Savage Frontier are just a couple of the titles from that era - Awesome stuff, but nearly unplayable on current PC's/Platforms. thumbsup

When I got back into gaming and started playing almost exclusively Adventure games, it was Gameboomers that brought be back to RPG's with KOTOR grin
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Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 04:45 PM

Well, I don't play much of the games in this forum as I am no good at them but this morning I started a replay of Murdered: Soul Suspect which has demons in it so it ended up in this forum. There was a fix shown on Steam to get the demons to ignore you so I did that last night. Unfortunately, I have still had to hide from one and then kill it later, though it was not very hard at all. I'm worried though, that as I get further into the game, the demons will still be there in my way. I am hoping that this "fix" will help. It's too soon to tell. This first demon was probably easy last time too.

I did get through the game the first time WITH the demons being active but I missed a lot of story line and side stories because of them, and also because when I played it before the video card I had just barely met minimum specs so my graphics were not showing so good making it hard to see what I was doing. That is much better this time around.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 04:45 PM

You've seen this collection on GOG, TM? That has some of the games that you mentioned.

There's lots of old stuff I like to play: Anvil of Dawn, Zanzarah, Anachronox, Return to Krondor, the Quest for Glory series, and the list goes on. happydance
Posted by: Trail_Mystic

Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 05:16 PM

Yep, those are the ones. They are playable, within a separate dosbox like instance. I do have them in my GOG library, but have had some resolution issues with them due to the high, native resolution of my monitor. I'll have to monkey around with them again to see if I can get a screen that's bigger than a smartphone grin
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Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 06:53 PM

Originally Posted By: Trail_Mystic
I'll have to monkey around with them again to see if I can get a screen that's bigger than a smartphone

Check the ***.conf files in the game folder that GOG installs.
Relevant lines might be for


PhilsComputerLab on YouTube made "Tweak Guides" for some of the games GOG released on DOSBox where he went into detail about what these lines did and how to get the picture larger than a postage stamp. He doesn't have anything specifically for the Forgotten Realms Gold Box games, but look for something of similar vintage, maybe this --
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Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 08:22 PM

Cool, thanks! thumbsup
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Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/27/17 11:20 PM

The last REALLY old games I played were the re-released Zork games, the original Infocom ones that ran on DOS ("You have been eaten by a Grue"). This was perhaps three or four years ago. I think I must still have them somewhere.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/28/17 10:23 AM

"You have been eaten by a Grue".
Ahhhhh, Those never to be forgotten words !! rotfl
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 10/28/17 01:04 PM

And of course I still fire up Deus Ex GOTY from time to time, or some of the oldest Bioware games. I rarely finish those now, but it's still fun to roll a new character.
Posted by: SharonB

Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 11/01/17 06:37 PM

Two games I'm king of nostalgic for are Anachronox and Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura. Have never finished either game. I went maybe halfway or more thru Anachronox then went onto something else. I barely started Arcanum - I kept being eaten by wolves in the beginning. It was very difficult because I couldn't make up my mind what kind of character or how I wanted to play. For an indecisive person, character creation can be devil
Posted by: Trail_Mystic

Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 11/01/17 07:49 PM

...or it can turn into an obsession. I had the same issue when I started playing RPG's Sharon. I wanted to be a little of everything. The problem is that many games gear character development trees to build a specific character type, attempting to multi-class in a system that's not built for it inevitably leads to failure, usually at a critical point in the game.

Any RPG that highly touts its character development features and that's truly worth it's salt should provide a different experience based on the character type that's chosen. That way you can start out with the character type that's usually the easiest to get to know (basic warrior type, usually) and then branch out to different characters in subsequent play-throughs.

Arcanum is definitely one of my all time favorites. thumbsup
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Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 11/02/17 11:51 AM

Thanks Trail-Mystic. I'm probably going to start-up another RPG - Maybe Morrowind Online for a fresh start? Or go back to one of the older ones like Anachronox or Arcanum. It sure would feel good to finally finish Anachronox... At least on that game I won't be called on to create a new character. I'll let you know what I finally do. Have to work out this how to play with my feet propped up business first. lol
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Re: Play Any Old Stuff ?? - 11/02/17 04:56 PM

Good Luck SharonB !!!! And here's to lots of fun time for you !!!! hamster hamster hamster