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Tuesday's - 10/22/12 10:37 PM

There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.
Ken Olsen (1926 - ), President, Digital Equipment, 1977

On reaching his plane seat a man is surprised to see a parrot strapped in next to him. He asks the stewardess for a coffee where upon the parrot squawks "And get me a whisky you cow!" The stewardess, flustered, brings back a whisky for the parrot and forgets the coffee.

When this omission is pointed out to her the parrot drains its glass and bawls "And get me another whisky you idiot". Quite upset, the girl comes back shaking with another whisky but still no coffee.

Unaccustomed to such slackness the man tries the parrot's approach "I've asked you twice for a coffee, go and get it now or I'll kick you".

The next moment, both he and the parrot have been wrenched up and thrown out of the emergency exit by two burly stewards. Plunging downwards the parrot turns to him and says "For someone who can't fly, you complain too much!"

At the airport for a business trip, I settled down to wait for the boarding announcement at Gate 35. Then I heard the voice on the public address system saying, "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Delta Flight 570 will board from Gate 41."

So my family picked up our luggage and carried it over to Gate 41. Not ten minutes later the public address voice told us that Flight 570 would in fact be boarding from Gate 35.

So, again, we gathered our carry-on luggage and returned to the original gate. Just as we were settling down, the public address voice spoke again: "Thank you for participating in Delta's physical fitness program.


Takeoff's are optional. Landings are mandatory.

Flying is not dangerous; crashing is dangerous.

Speed is life, altitude is life insurance. No one has ever collided with the sky.

The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.

Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first!

Everyone knows a 'good' landing is one from which you can walk away. But a 'great landing is one after which you can use the airplane again.

The probability of survival is equal to the angle of arrival.

Was that a landing or were we shot down?

Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

Trust your captain.... but keep your seat belt securely fastened.

Be nice to your first officer, he may be your captain at your next airline.

Any attempt to stretch fuel is guaranteed to increase headwind.

A pilot is a confused soul who talks about women when he's flying, and about flying when he's with a woman.

Try to keep the number of your landings equal to the number of your takeoffs.

There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold, pilots!

Gravity never loses! The best you can hope for is a draw!

Gravity SUCKS!!

At a recent software engineering management course in the US, the participants were given an awkward question to answer. "If you had just boarded an airliner and discovered that your team of programmers had been responsible for the flight control software how many of you would disembark immediately?"

Among the ensuing forest of raised hands, only one man sat motionless. When asked what he would do, he replied that he would be quite content to stay onboard.

With his team's software, he said, the plane was unlikely to even taxi as far as the runway, let alone take off.

Goooood morning BOOMERLAND!!! wave

Now that you're all awake, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

If you have an awesome day of gaming planned, I'm sure everyone would like to hear about it.

I'm only kidding. snicker

No one wants to hear about it.

Did I say that outloud? oops

Hey it's my last day off…………………for three days.

At least I'm off again this weekend. Cool! penguin

I need to take advantage of my last day off by doing absolutely nothing.

Kind of like yesterday. razz

Why didn't I think of that before?

Being totally at leisure for two whole dog gone days. cool

Being an absolute couch potato for my last two days.

I think I could really get into this laziness thing.

I may not even brush my teeth all day long. grin

I may be so lazy I'll have someone else chew my food for me. (not likely unless my neighbor volunteers)

I might keep my eyes closed all day, and have someone else describe what I'm looking at.


Naa! It's a dumb idea.

It didn't work when I tried it before.

My boss got upset with me. lol

Have a fairly happy day everyone.

I mean a very happy day.

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Re: Tuesday's - 10/22/12 10:57 PM

Joe, I think you should sleep in and then spend the day doing whatever makes you happy. yes

I on the other hand will be in the corner working diligently. It is supposed to be a rainy day, so it will be easier to stay there. lol

Have a happy day everyone!

Ana wave
Posted by: cailyn

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 02:31 AM

Good morning Joe,Ana waveAna I'll keep the coffee hot and fresh for you in the corner! Enjoy the day Boomers turkey
Posted by: Haroula

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 03:01 AM

Joe,Ana,Sue and all who come in later,
good morning smile
I wish you a happy day penguin wave
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 04:58 AM

penguin Good Morning Joe, Ana, Cailyn, and Haroula and all who come in late. Hope everyone has a stress free day! penguin
Posted by: venus

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 05:00 AM

Off for an earlier work whoosh than usual. wave It may be this way until the overnights are complete, since I just found out we can show up an hour earlier at this time if we want to. thumbsup

Okay, have to run. Have a great Tuesday, everyone. cat
Posted by: GBC

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 06:25 AM

Good Morning Boomers

Joe, have a "relax and do nothing" day!

Ana, wishing you an easy day in the corner.

Cailyn, thanks for the coffee. Have a good day!

Haroula, happy day!

Gerry, good morning.

Venus, glad you can get some extra time at work.

Midgie, have a good day when you come in.

Connie, glad you had a good time. See you when you come in.

A few errands to run then some gaming is in store.

Note: Karen asked me to tell everyone that she'll be back posting soon. She had a lot of Doc appointments and she's recuperating for a few days.
Posted by: connie

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 07:17 AM

Good morning everyone. SpaceQ, lots of Hugs on the way. A Target trip is in the cards today. To all here and all who follow, have a Wonderful Tuesday. Danish and French Toast in the NC. summer
Posted by: flutist

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 09:49 AM

Good morning to all who are here and all who come in later.

I was going to Wally World but it is gloomy and drippy so just think I will stay home and goof off. Nothing much new around here or very exciting either. So, on that note, I am going to goof off.

Posted by: Darlene

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 10:03 AM

wave Howdy ho, sweet Joe! Thanks for the openers! Hope your day is exactly as you'd like it to be!

Good morning, sweet 'Boomies!

Alrighty, gotta skoosh! See you later!
Posted by: gymcandy1

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 10:23 AM

Good morning everyone. wave

I made it here before lunch today. thumbsup

I'll be going over to Mom's in a few minutes. I still have "stuff" to do. wink

Plus I'll go walking about with Baby and see if I can find any points. happydance

I hope everyone has a super day. yay

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Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 10:32 AM

Terrific Tuesday ya'll puppy

Keoki has a routine vet appointment this morning. I set my alarm last night for 8 so I'd have lots of coffee time before I left. But I so didn't hear it. Thankfully one of the dogs got tired of hearing it and woofed, which did wake me up. So now instead of speed dating I'm speed coffeeing.

Joe, have a wonderful day off. Give Baby a treat from me.

Ana, hope the corner is fun.

Cailyn, I hope your post time is when you went to bed. And yes please to the coffee.

Haroula, are all well now?

Gerry, a stress free day sounds perfect!

Venus, extra hours are great...bonus money puppy

Bet, happy goofing!

Darlene, happy skooshing!
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 10:56 AM

Good day everybody!! Happy Tuesday!!!

Joe make the most of your last day of vacation!! You deserve it since you worked so hard at the start of it. Thanks for the chuckles and have a lovely day!

Ana hope your time in the corner is fruitfull!! It is raining here too and they say it will be for the whole week. sad I just hope for a little window every once in awhile so I can walk Sassy. lol Have a lovely day and hope the project moves right along for ya!

Cailyn you are up early! Those on the west coast are just heading for the bed. lol Hope you can catch a nap! Thanks for getting the coffee started!

Haroula have a lovely day!

venus happy extra hour for awhile!! May work be fun!

Gerry have a nice walk and a lovely day!

Connie have fun shopping at Tar-jay!!! hope something fun pops into the cart! Thanks for the treats.

Gail thanks for the Karen update. Was wondering about her. Still sending prayers! Have fun with the errands and the gaming!! HUGS!

Bets we have rain here too. lol Maybe you will have some gaming time now. Have a lovely day!

Darlene may work fly and everything be smooth!

L4l good luck with Keoki's Vet appointment. Must of been him that woke you. lol He didn't want to miss his appointment.

No plans at the moment but that can always chane quickly here. lol

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 11:15 AM

Good morning boomies! We had such a stormy night last night, Merlin slept between hubby and I. I haven't heard such earth shaking thunder in many years. It really felt like the house was going to shake off it's foundation.

SpaceQ, you are in my thoughts. hearts

I have to do a quick store run and then bury myself in the corner.
Have a happy day!
Posted by: Midge

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 12:28 PM

Hi guys. I'm late checking in today. Been out and about doing errands. I hope you all are having a great Tuesday. I have to go to work for 5:00 this afternoon.

Midgie hearts
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 12:57 PM

Evelyne says hi from Italy! She briefly had her internet service restored this morning and when she tried to come and post it disappeared again.
In a week she will be back in Switzerland so she will be back for sure then. hearts
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 02:18 PM

The dogs and I did ours. It’s a beautiful day but there is a new pit bull on our route who is on a tie out chain. He didn’t like us walking on the other side of the street and was quite clearly expressing his opinion...repeatedly lunging at us. I brought my guys home and went up to let the lady know, suggesting that a tie out chain is not safe as the rottie next door has broken several. She was totally unconcerned and told me the dog was protecting its property. I didn't know her property included the curb across the street. Idiot!

Anyway, home now.

Space, hugs to you!

Time for lunch. puppy
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 03:08 PM

Chaining is not only unsafe but leads to aggression in dogs. The poor thing. sad Too bad there is no law against that in your area. I hope you can find a safe route to walk your dogs.

Ana wave
Posted by: Haroula

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 03:59 PM

sleep wave
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 04:03 PM

I agree Ana, but this woman was clearly not interested in solving the problem. So sad! I will walk around there and get the addy and call the police to report a problem but they will not do anything. The laws here are a joke.

Night Haroula, sleep well sleep
Posted by: Space Quest Fan

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 04:11 PM

thanks Ana and looney. puppy I miss her so much.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 04:24 PM

I can imagine SpaceQ. I have been there too often in my life. My heart really does go out to you. I know how much she was a part of your life. Was she ill or just older?

Posted by: Space Quest Fan

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 08:00 PM

Both, but it still hurts. She was my buddy. puppy
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 08:07 PM

I know Space, I completely understand. My Merlin is 10 and I can see things different all the time with him. I cry just thinking about my life without him. They become a part of us that is hard to separate from. I hope the pain eases for you. hearts
Posted by: MaG

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 09:06 PM


I feel for you. I love my babies - all my babies.

Posted by: Midge

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 09:08 PM

Hi Boomies. Home from work and reading all the posts. L4L that's very immature of the lady that's not interested in the problem. Shame on her. Ana thanks for the update on Evelyne. Hope her Internet problems are solved when she gets back.

I'm going to see my Mom tomorrow for the 3 month evaluation from the staff members. My sister Gail will be on conference call from San Fran. Sister Patty and BIL will be there with me, Mom will be there as well. Should be informative.

Closing down now. See you in the AM.

Midgie sleep
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 09:36 PM

MaG hearts

Midgie, Hugs for you. I know it will be a difficult day for you.

Ana wave
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Tuesday's - 10/23/12 10:28 PM

Oh Space, I feel your pain. I know hugs only help a little, but that is all I can do.

Midgy, all our hugs go with you. This is a hard time but we are all here for you.

MaG wave puppy

Night guys, sleep well sleep
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Tuesday's - 10/24/12 12:07 AM

HUGS!! Space!! I know the pain. Prayers for comfort!

Time here to find my pillow. Night everybody sleep well and pleasant dreams.