Sunday Funday

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Sunday Funday - 11/17/12 09:07 PM

"After three days men grow weary of a wench, a guest, and rainy weather."
Benjamin Franklin

Three sons left home, went out on their own and prospered. Getting back together, they discussed the gifts they were able to give their elderly mother. The first said, "I built a big house for our mother." The second said, "I sent her a Mercedes with a driver." The third smiled and said, "I've got you both beat. You remember how mom enjoyed reading the Bible? And you know she can't see very well. So I sent her a remarkable parrot that recites the entire Bible. It took elders in the church 12 years to teach him. He's one of a kind. Mama just has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot recites it."

Soon thereafter, mom sent out her letters of thanks: "Milton," she wrote one son, "The house you built is so huge. I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house."

"Gerald," she wrote to another, "I am too old to travel. I stay most of the time at home, so I rarely use the Mercedes. And the driver is so rude!"

"Dearest Donald," she wrote to her third son, "You have the good sense to know what your mother likes. The chicken was delicious."

A man placed some flowers on the grave of his dearly departed mother and started back toward his car when his attention was diverted to another man kneeling at a grave. The man seemed to be praying with profound intensity and kept repeating, “Why did you have to die? Why did you have to die?” The first man approached him and said, “Sir, I don’t wish to interfere with your private grief, but this demonstration of pain is more than I’ve ever seen before. For whom do you mourn so deeply? A child? A parent?” The mourner took a moment to collect himself, then replied, “My wife’s first husband.”

Two hunters are in the woods in deer season. The morning hunt over, they head back to camp together. As they make their way along the path, they hear a loud crashing noise and look up to see a very large bear charging down a hillside. Realizing simultaneously, that they are the bear's intended targets, not to mention lunch, one of the hunters immediately takes off his back pack, drops to the ground and begins to change from his hunting boots to tennis shoes. The other hunter bewildered asks "You don't really think you can out run that bear do you?" The first hunter replies, "No, but I can outrun you."

A big-game hunter went on safari with his wife and mother-in-law. One evening, while still deep in the jungle, the Mrs awoke to find her mother gone. Rushing to her husband, she insisted on them both trying to find her mother. The hunter picked up his rifle, took a swig of whiskey, and started to look for her. In a clearing not far from the camp, they came upon a chilling sight: the mother-in-law was backed up against a thick, impenetrable bush, and a large male lion stood facing her. The wife cried, "What are we going to do?" "Nothing," said the hunter husband. "The lion got himself into this mess, let him get himself out of it."

There was 3 guys stranded in the mountains and they weren't going to be rescued for 3 days. So they all made a plan that each night one would get the food. So the first night the 1st guy goes out and comes back with a big deer. So the guy who was hunting tomorrow ask for advice on how to catch another one, and the guy said see tracks, follow tracks, BAM!! shot the deer... So the next night the 2nd guy went out and came back with an even bigger deer than the 1st guys, and the 3rd guy was amazed so he asked how he could catch one like that for the next night. And the guy told him see tracks, follow tracks, BAM!! shot the deer... The next night the 3rd guy went out to get a deer and comes back hours later all beat up and bloody, so the the other 2 guys ask what happen. And the guy said i seen tracks, followed tracks, BAM!! got hit by train.

A couple of Oklahoma hunters are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls 911. He gasps to the operator, "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator, in a calm soothing voice says, "Just take it easy. I can help. First, lets make sure he's dead."

... There is a silence, then a shot is heard. The guy's voice comes back on the line. He says, "OK, now what?"

At the police station, Bubba explained to the police officer why his cousins shot him. "Well," Bubba began, "We wuz havin' a good time drinking, when my cousin Ray picked up his shotgun and said, 'Hey, der ya fellows wanna go hunting?'" "And then what happened?" the officer interrupted. "From what I remember," Bubba said, "I stood up and said, 'Sure, I'm game.'"

Good morning everyone, and everytwo. wave

Happy sunny Sunday funday morning.

I sure keep spell check busy. snicker

Now, what wuz I gunna talk about?

I'm not really leaning towards a very long dialogue here.

It's more like I'm leaning towards the bedroom.

I mean I'm really leaning towards the bedroom.

I'm almost horizontal, I'm leaning so much.

I guess my sleeping pills are working. sleep


What's that buzzing noise? eek

I thought I would get the diner started, and then go do some gaming, but I started the post about a half hour ago, and I have a bald spot on my head now from scratching my noggin so much.

I may not have a hair left by the time I finish this thing.

On the bright side I don't have to cut my hair anymore. lol

I guess I don't have to worry then, because it'll be all-bright. bravo

Nobody can ever call me Harry either.

They don't call me Harry now though.

Why would they, I'm not Harry? duh

I'm Confused......and tired.

Have a harry happy day everyboomie. crazy

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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/17/12 09:35 PM

Hi Joe, I hope you are leaning towards a wonderful day! Do they play Christmas songs all day at Lowes?

I'm going to try and get to an early class today but we'll see. The rest of day depends on when I get my project.

I hope you all have a great day!

Ana wave
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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/17/12 10:06 PM

Hi Joe and Ana and all boomers to follow. wave
Hope everyone has a Super Sunday smile
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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/17/12 10:21 PM

Have a terrific Sunday Joe, Ana, manxman and all who come in after me. wave

I figured I'd say a quick hello and goodbye now, as I may not have time in the morning. I have to be at work at 5 am, which means I have to get up around 3:30. eek This coming week is going to be stressful, but at least I'll have plenty of hours.

I should have gone to sleep sooner, but as I wasn't feeling well these past couple of days, my sleep cycle has its own ideas. lol

Anyway, off to bed now. Have a terrific Sunday, everyone. fall
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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/17/12 10:24 PM

Have a great Sunday Boomers. smile
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 12:28 AM

manxman, have a great day!

Venus, I hope work goes well.

SpaceQ, hearts

Ana wave
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 12:51 AM

Happy Sunday all!! I am taking a day of rest today since I was on the go all day yesterday! lol

Joe hope work goes well. Thanks for the chuckles.

Ana have fun at class and enjoy a run with the dogs!

wave Manxman have a lovely day!

Space enjoy lyour Sunday and hope the weather is nice!

venus have fun at work. That's kinda early to have to be getting up. eek

Have a wondedrful day kall!

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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 01:47 AM

Good morning Joe,Ana,Manxman,Venus,Space,Nan
and all who come in later.
Still raining here,which is good, we need water yes
So we stay inside and Im going to make
mousaka for lunch happydance
Have all a wonderful Sunday fall
Posted by: cailyn

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 04:34 AM

Good morning Joe,Ana,manxman,Space,Venus,Nan waveI'll put the coffee on,Nan enjoy your day of rest waveHere's wishing you all a peaceful day puppy
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 04:57 AM

woot Good Morning Joe, Ana, manxman, venus, SpaceQ, Haroula, Nan, and Cailn. Sure is a full Diner this morning. Hope everyone has a Super Day! woot
Posted by: Midge

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 05:47 AM

Good morning. Today is moving day so this will be the last time I'll be able to get to the diner for a few days. Have a great Sunday everyone. I have to work this morning but only for a few hours. Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. My car died leaving the parking lot at Stop N Shop. Called my mechanic, then AAA. He came and towed my car to my mechanic's shop. Rob came and picked me up there and let me take his truck. It's a little confusing what happens this morning though. I'll call Rob this morning to ask about what time his friends are coming to move me. Ugh! The timing couldn't be any worse. I had things in my car to take to my new apartment. Enough about that. See you guys in a few days.

Midgie hearts
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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 05:52 AM

Good SunFunday everybody wave

Again nice weather here in Switzerland but a bit too cold for my taste. It's 11.30 a.m. and I'am showered, fed and I answered the pending emails, so the rest of Sunay is relaxing.

Looney: wishing you and Soot to get well soon, so you can travel and enjoy Thanksgiving. You can do it!

Trippy: my friends Doberman has a black tan and says hi to your dogs too. She's a sweetie and I guess (fear) she's a companion dog all right. She should protect my friend because she's living alone in a house very secluded, in near France, but the doggie isn't trained as a watchdog. She's often ill too. 2 weeks ago she had a stomach torsion and almost died. She's only 3 years old. My friend had other Dobermans before Eilika and they got very old.

Joe: I hear you lol You poor boy are having a full time job in the JoekBucks diner. But the food and drink is marvelous!

When Ana asked Joe if there are Christmas songs played at Lowes the whole day, I just thought: I would go crazy having to listen to Christmas songs the whole day, and the whole month, and more, until Christmas. That would be a new thread: Do you like music (isn't this kind of music called muzzak?) in the stores.

Midge: awwww those little pinpricks in life. I'am sorry about the car. I hope your moving day will go by smoothly. See you again when Internet is up. HUGS!

I'am wishing a wonderfull and peaceful Sunday to all my friends here! kissy

Posted by: GBC

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 05:57 AM

Joe, have a great when you awake.

Ana, Manxman, Venus, Space, Nan, I just realized that you all haven't gotten up yet. Good day when you do.

Haroula, happy day to you.

Cailyn, Coffee pleeese!

Gerry, enjoy whatever you have planned today.

Church this morning then a nice easy, quiet, relaxing day is in store. fall

Midgie, nothing ever runs smoothly I guess. Hope your move does though. Too bad about the car hope everything else goes well for you today!

Evelyne, wishing you a super Sunday!

Posted by: connie

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 06:47 AM

Good morning everyone. Breakfast out this morning. A Walmart trip with SIL is in the cards later today. Midge, I hope it's nothing serious with the car. L4L and Soot, prayers you are both feeling better so you can make your trip. To all here and all who follow, have a Wonderful Sunday. Danish, Omelets, Home Fries, English Muffins, and Pumpkin Pancakes in the NC. penguin
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 11:52 AM

Super Sunday ya'll puppy

Woke up to son and kids in the den watching movies.

I am feeling more like myself, but Soot is spiraling down a bit.

Off to look for some quiet. puppy
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 12:29 PM

Haroula enjoy dinner. Stay dry!!

Cailyn thanks for the coffee. Aw!!! That first sip!! Have a lovely day!

Gerry have a nice walk and a nice day!

Aw Midge sorry about the car. HUGS! Prayers that the move goes smoothly today and that the car is a simple and inexpensive fix!!

Evelyne I don't mind some music in the stores but they start it soooo early! If I had to work with it all day it would depend on the type of music being played.

Glad the weather is nice. We had some rain last night but the temp wasn't too bad. Like around 42F. We arfe at 50F now, which is nice for this time of the year. Have a lovely day!!

Gail enjoy your easy, quiet, relaxing afternoon after church!

Connie have a fun trip to Wally World and enjoy breakfast out!! Thanks for the danish! Yummmy!!

L4l glad that you are feeling better. Prayers that Soot will follow suit!! have a lovely day!

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 01:01 PM

Good morning boomies! I slept in today, but not really since we went to sleep in the wee hours. lol

It's a beautiful day out and hubby is golfing and I am heading to the park with the pups. My grandpuppy got bit at the dog park and just got back from a 400 dollar vet visit and is wearing the cone of shame.

Nan, enjoy your easy day. I hope nothing comes up that requires you to run around unless it's a fun thing.

L4L, glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope soot follows in the same footsteps.

Connie, have fun shopping.

Gail, have a great day!

Evelyne, I hope your day stays relaxing. Any new ceramics you are working on?

Midgie, sorry to hear about your car. I hope it's nothing serious. Is your new place still close to work and Rob?

Gerry, have a great Sunday.

Sue, thanks for the coffee.

Haroula, enjoy your rainy day.

Ana wave
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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 01:26 PM

Came back from our walk. Went out the back door with my friend (who lives behind me) and as we went out the gate we encountered a tall male walking UP from the back. We have no access from the back from the street over there so he must have hopped some fences. He immediately seemed flustered and started asking us if we had seen a teen on a small red bike. He said the teen just slapped his 3 year old brother and took the bike and headed this way.

Hummmmm. I'm wondering if the bike rider hopped the fence? Don't think so. Then again, hopping would have been a shortcut to the nearest street to catch the guy who would have had to ride it around the block.

Not really sure if I believe the guy, and we pointed out that if anyone had come UP the driveway, they would have triggered the driveway alarms (which were not going off until we went out there to talk to him). He now knows we have alarms. Watched him walk up the next side street and he 'seemed' to be actually looking down driveways and around parked cars, possible for the bike or the thief.

They jury is out on this one for now. Quite a story but then again, it could have happened. He said his mom already called the cops. We shall see. He was nicely dressed and didn't seem like a transient. I dunno. duh

Turning on my security recorders for today to see what goes.
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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 02:03 PM

Hullo Boomers! I hoep everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We have been gearing up for our first big storm. frown It is already getting quite gusty. The warning is for 1 PM this afternoon til 7 PM tomorrow. That is for high winds...40-50 MPH with 60-70- MPH gusts possible and 80-90 MPH gusts possible on the headlands, like Cape Blanco which is about 14 miles from here as the crow flies. Also have a flood advisory for low lying areas, which happily, doesn't include us. I don't like high winds just in case anyone isn't aware of this fact. scared Hubby is now in the middle of fixing his shop wall and it is all apart. He has it bolstered up the best he can and all we can do is pray it doesn't blow apart. He has his Camaro out and tarped up for now. I do have a car phone charger in case of elec. loss and can probably do internet that way if I think of it, lol. Our little town is very good about restoring elec. usually. Going to do a LOT of gaming to keep me occupied. So Happy Gaming everyone!! wave
Posted by: Gimli

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 02:55 PM

It's already bedtime here in Switzerland, so this girl is going sleep now.

Nan: thank you for your vote! wink

Ana: yes, I'am working on a few new things. Will take pictures and post them.

Lotus, sweetie, please take care. Stuff some marshmallows into your ears and play some loud rock-and-roll disks while the storm is howling.

I wish all of you a great afternoon and a relaxing evening. HUGS all around...

Posted by: Haroula

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 03:32 PM

sleep wave
Posted by: 3dobermans

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 04:59 PM

Afternoon already; got home after 9 last nite but after having 3-4 cups of regular coffee during the tournament found it quite difficult to get to sleep until after midnite. Have to admit I totally blew all my pool shots and my partner and I lost, lost, lost. Worst shooting I think I've ever done.
But woke to a sunny day and 50 degrees.

Evelyne, does your friend feed Eilika from a raised bowl. With deep chested dogs it's recommended for an easier digestive process.

Midgie my friend may all go smoothly with the final move and certainly hope it's nothing major with your car.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 05:04 PM

Ahhhh, son took whiny kids to the park to run out energy. Do you hear that? Neither do I.rotfl
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 05:52 PM

L4l bravo for son!! Enjoy the quiet while you can.

Lotus prayers that the storms aren't as bad as they say and that you and hubby are safe!! Happy gaming.

Night Evelyne and Haroula sleep well.

Oh Ana poor grandpuppy. Hope you had fun at the park! Been nice here too for this time of the year. Enjoying it and the relaxing day!

Sorta I hope that person was on the up and up and things will be OK! Be safe!

Trippy sorry your shooting was off some last night but hope you had a fun time anyway!! My bowling was too but i did have a great time and lots of laughs. lol

Posted by: gymcandy1

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 06:56 PM

Hello there everybody. wave

I am off of work, and off for a whole day. penguin

Tonight I am relaxing with the tube & laptop. happydance

Tomorrow I will go to Mom's and do what I enjoy doing. Bet you can't guess what that is. grin

Right now I'm taking in a little foot ball.

My feet don't seem to care for it, but I do. wink

I hope you're all enjoying your day. yay

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 08:57 PM

Joe, did you pick up Baby? I hope you have a wonderful day off tomorrow.

Nan, we had a nice run at the lake. They haven't been there in a while so they enjoyed the new smells.

L4L, I hope you enjoyed the peace while you had it.

TRippy, sorry you lost the tourney, but I hope you had fun!

Haroula, sweet dreams!

Lotus, hugs to you and hope you stay sage in the storm.

Evelyne, looking forward to seeing your new pieces.

Sorta, any news on your "guy"?

I just finished Nancy Drew yay
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Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 09:25 PM

I can't bring Baby over here anymore Ana. The owners found out and blew a gasket because the lease forbids dogs. sad

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 09:49 PM

Oh No! I'm so sorry Joe. sad How long is your lease for?
Posted by: 3dobermans

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 10:04 PM

Joe, that's to bad but it not like Baby is living there, only visiting. Sure hope you can find a pet friendly place soon.

Everyone always has fun at the tourney's and I always meet someone new. This is the second time my partner has been teamed with me and we lost each time but he's such a good loser.

Ana, what's the little green square with a down arrow in your post? Curious mind has to ask....

Hmm, it's gone now.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 10:25 PM

I don't know what it was Trippy. duh I didn't see it. If you enjoy what you are doing and do it with someone you like it's still great. Win or lose.

Ana wave
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 11:07 PM

Aw Joe sorry Baby can't be there. Hopefully there is the right place out there just for you and her and Pepper. Enjoy your day off.

Ana glad ya had a good run. That's why I try to go a different route each time me and Sassy walk. lol I take it no project yet.

Trippy as long as it was fun and you enjoy the company then it matters not weither you win or lose!

I'm thinking that my pillow is sounding good. Night all, sleep well and pleasant dreams!

Posted by: gymcandy1

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 11:26 PM

We had the conversation about pets before I moved in. She made an exception for Pepper. Baby wouldn't have been a happy dog here anyway if she had to stay in the house all day without me, and even if this place had a fenced yard, she wouldn't be happy being confined like that. She really has to have the outdoors and woods to run in to be happy.

I don't blame the owners at all, I just thought that having Baby over here on my nights off would be ok, but it's not with them.

I believe they've probably had some bad experiences with tenants and pets. duh

My lease ends Jan. 30th Ana, but I don't have anywhere else to go at the moment.

Good night everybody. Happy dreams. wave

Posted by: niteowl07

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/18/12 11:45 PM

night , everybody !
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Sunday Funday - 11/19/12 01:08 AM

Night guys, sleep well sleep