Finally Some Action

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Finally Some Action - 11/21/12 04:17 PM

After a few months of nothing happening on the old guy's empty house (he's still in the nursing home) today it all hit the fan.

Came home from shopping and found 2 police cars with a police dog and 3 vehicles which all belong to the 'other' side in and around the house.

The creepy snake guy's car was in the driveway, his son's white truck was parked backwards in traffic across the driveway and the cute little gal who is always 'touching' the old guy was there with her silver car and her 5 year old son.

Police jumped fence even though the son had keys to both gates and I saw him trying the keys after removing the Hazmat (do not enter) tape from the locks but police did not open the gates.

Dog and police checked all windows and doors and left about about 10 minutes total. They drove off after seeing the truck and the snake's car leave. Gal was still there but looked like she was leaving.

Soooo gal never left. Son in truck returned in 10 minutes with food, snake returned in 15-20 minutes with KEYS. Seems they couldn't find the right key to open the gate locks which THEY had put on themselves. We are talking smart people here, not.

So after trying several more keys, they finally removed a post from the gate and got into the yard. Son and snake were seen with tools and a ladder and seemed to be probably boarding up a door which had no knob or lock at all and which the other 'good' guys were putting boxed up stuff from the hoarded house.

So an hour later, after everyone looked behind the metal shed to see the (now patched) chain link (good guy's friend patched it with help of my tools and wire). My wire (nice heavy stuff was still there (darn!) as I saw it being held up by the kid. I will never get it back now.

Anyway, I guess they boarded up the shed door, might have gone into the house (can't see that angle) and then re-attached the fence post and all left.

Since I have no 'say' in anything happening over there, I just watched and recorded a small log of what went on in case it is ever needed. Didn't call the 'good' guy because the police were there and I assumed the snake had to show them some proof of being able to do things. Dunno, maybe they just went in after the police left and figured it wouldn't matter.

Nothing left the house or yard or shed and all seems quiet now. I can hardly wait until the 'good' guy finds out the shed is boarded up (which he should have done himself long ago).

AND the little cutie gal who is cozying up to the old guy drove around the corner and got out and chatted with two men (2 houses) I assume about what was going on. This isn't good since now they will be watching and reporting to her I bet.

In any case, I'm out of it, won't interfere with either side unless the law contacts me for info.

This saga will never end.
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/21/12 04:36 PM

Never dull in SortaLand. grin
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/21/12 05:38 PM

"SortaLand!" Finally, the proper description for the tales, trials, tribulations and excitement from Sorta's neighborhood!
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/21/12 06:46 PM

I can see it now...

Coming! This Fall! HBO presents SortaLand!
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/21/12 08:11 PM

Ohhhh! I love it...SortaLand, the movie! Now who can we get to play ME? headscratch
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/21/12 08:22 PM

Only you, Sorta. You are one of a kind. hearts
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When I'm reading that I imagine music like Mission Impossible playing. lol

wave joe
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/22/12 01:06 AM

Sorta you never did say if you popped any pop corn while this episode played out.
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/22/12 12:19 PM

Sorta, you got a regular soap opera being played out in real time. I haven't been for a little while and yet not that much has changed; I caught up and on to the current events. You've got the characters down pat and I love the 'names' you've given them!

You've got so much material for a book and/or movie. Maybe a bit of embellishment such as some kind of opening scene showing the old hiding treasure long before he gets sick and only the audience knows it. Hey, could be made into a HOG and/or adventure game too!

Another possible title - 'The House Next Door: Dec Sorta Finds Shady Shennanigans.'

Actress(es)to play you - Jodie Foster, Geena Davis or the gal who voices Nancy Drew. Of course, you'd be the detective!

turkey yes sherlock

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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/22/12 12:44 PM

Excellent suggestions! Or how about, "The House Next Door: Shady Shenanigans in SortaVille?"
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/22/12 01:17 PM

I LOVE all the suggestions for the book, movie, TV series! So much fun going on around here sometimes, and no, I didn't have time to pop any corn because I was glued to my front door watching all the 'stuff' happening. I find if you leave for one second, something happens.

So an update. Walked up the street this morning to see what all the sawing and hammering, etc. was and saw NOTHING. Only thing changed was the little plywood piece propped up with a paving brick that had been placed against the door with no knob or lock was missing. The door was as it always has been, no new knob, no lock, nothing. No boarded up, no screws. Weird. Only thing I can think is that they went inside, blocked the door from the inside (caretaker guy told me how it was usually that way) and then went out the back side door and then blocked THAT door with the plywood and screws etc. Can't see back there without being very obvious.

I did see the snake drive by this morning 'checking things out'. I'm sure he has his sons and everyone else patrolling otherwise they would never have known about the hole in the fence behind a shed which couldn't be seen from the street.

They are all still up to no good, and I'm just waiting for the 'other side' to call me or come over and ask about what went on yesterday, and I am going to lie like crazy. I'm practicing now on how to look 'innocent' when I say, "Why no, I didn't see anything happening yesterday, I was shopping most of the day. What happened?"

I'm so tired of all this stupidity. Neither 'side' trusts the other, both sides have an agenda and in all of this, nothing ever really gets done to help the guy in the nursing home who is really not capable of handling his affairs and won't let anyone else do it for him. He always was a private, grouchy old guy who didn't like being bothered.

When we write the 'ending' to this tale, it will probably be that he passes on, with no will, and his relatives (no wife or kids ever) end up either fighting for all his 'hoard' or just deed the entire thing over to the snake who is the most yukky con man I have ever met.

I'm still waiting for a big moving truck to pull up and start unloading the house and garage and sheds. That would be a good opening scene for the TV movie and then we could do a 'flashback' to the beginning of this saga where the ambulance, fire truck, 5 police cars, police dog, and 5 cops with guns drawn were surrounding the house after the caretaker found the old guy lying on the floor (where he had been for 3 days), barricaded inside his house with a shiny chrome 45 caliber gun in his hand threatening to shoot anyone who entered.

Oh, and I'm leaning towards Geena Davis, but she would have to bleach her hair out to blonde for the part. rotfl
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/22/12 01:36 PM

If Geena wants the part bad enough, she'd dye her hair without thinking twice. Look at Paula (last name?) who plays Abby on NCIS. I've read she's actually blonde and a lot older than the character she plays.

Sorta, I think you're being a really good sport about this whole thing. First, you're excited and now it sounds almost wearing. I'd feel the same. Initial excitement wears off when nothing right seems to happen and you can't do a darn thing about anything except allow them to use your phone and other supplies without getting so much as a thank you and knowing you'll never get it back. I'm glad you're going to start playing innocent and step back; it's gotta be starting to get aggravating.

Course then your Boomer friends get in on the action and, hopefully make you laugh a bit.

thumbsup yay happydance
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/22/12 01:50 PM

Yep butterflybabe, it's always nice to share the fun. So many silly things happening and I try to look on the bright side at all times. This whole thing is so confusing and stupid. If not for the old guy's stubbornness, his brother or sister or niece would have gladly handled it all. The niece actually came all the way out here from back East, when this all started and the guy refused to let her do anything and sent her packing. She tried again a few months back and when he found out he called and told her to mind her own business. Yup, it's a mess, but it's a funny mess from my point of view.

Ohhhh who can we get to play the old guy? Someone grouchy for sure. And my nice gray haired neighbor lady who knows the old guy since 1954 and watches everything as much as I do. Gotta find someone older but spry and opinionated. And the snake? Hummmm. Gotta be short and limpy and cunning. Such fun.
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/23/12 01:30 AM

How about Ed Asner? He's played some really grouchy characters in his time. And does them well.
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/23/12 10:41 AM

Ed he still alive? Certainly would be good. Hummmm.

So far nothing happening over 'there' but it's early. The snake did a 'recon' around the side street but didn't stop. I think they are looking for the 'good' guys and if the two sides come together, there surely will be a clash and lots of police. Wish I still had my movie camera. This could make it on one of those Dumbest of all times shows.

UPDATE: at 8:15 am today, the snake, his son and the husband of the chicky poo girl arrived and are loading the truck with all the junk in the yard. Thank goodness someone is since it looks like a junk yard (has for years). However, they have carefully laid out a huge tarp in the back and it looks like they are going to 'sort' things after they clear the yard. This should be fun if they go into the house or sheds and start removing stuff!

I am STILL not getting involved. Standing back watching and waiting for the next fun development. Film at 11....

Another UPDATE: So now they have taken 3 loads of junk to the dump and somehow changed the 'workers'. What was just 'family' is now just the son of the snake, and 3 other guys I don't recognize. Might be from across the street and volunteered or were asked to help. They are now piling all metal stuff to sell. They are also dismantling the window air conditioner (working) that the first burglar ripped from a window to gain access. Stupid people. We are pretty sure all the break-in's were the snake and his henchmen, since nothing was taken.

Can hardly wait to see how far they get today and if they come back tomorrow. They broke into the metal shed ( it was locked) and are taking things out and sorting 'good' stuff. Lawnmowers, power stuff, anything usable or which could be sold at the swapmeet.

This is really entertaining.
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/23/12 04:10 PM

If the old guy hadn't been so stubborn and, from what you say, Sorta, 99% of the stuff is junk, and you hadn't already been more involved than you wanted, I'd urge you to tell the police the place is being robbed.

People where I live in the Chicago burbs are asked to watch for vans and trucks at a residence and, if you have the least suspicion, call the cops. It's been known to happen that owners will come back from a trip and have been robbed, neighbors thought they had moved.

The way you described the old man made me think of my mother-in-law. Same stubborn attitude except my husband and I lived just 10 min away so he had a bit more control on the situation.
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Re: Finally Some Action - 11/23/12 04:53 PM

Yup, butterflybabe, I'm watching closely what they take. So far they are just cleaning up the entire trash dump of a yard. Lots of junky stuff. Already 4 loads have gone, 3 to the dump, and one I think sold for scrap metal, since they were carefully separating stuff. Now they are on load 5, again scrap metal. One concern is they just brought out a 20 ft, aluminum, extension ladder which is used to reach the security lights on the house that the caretaker keeps replacing bulbs in.

I'm wondering if they are going to load that ladder and sell it for scrap OR take it to one of their homes. Won't really know, but it's looking suspicious.

The yard stuff is total rusty, moldy junk, BUT the sheds contain hundreds of boxed items (caretaker's girlfriend and a few friends of hers boxed it all) and carefully stacked into the garage. More boxed stuff in the formerly hoarded house. She was doing a good job of carefully boxing stuff and uncovering furniture (which you couldn't see for months until she got down to it), and then the snake got the cops to let him change all the locks! No verification of his 'right to enter' but they let him anyway. Very fun to watch.

I think this is just the first step to getting into the house and taking those boxes out to sell the stuff in them. Lots of watches, watchmaker tools (big and little) jewelers tools, clocks of every kind, radios, TV's, appliances, and books and records and 'stuff' that he hoarded over the year. THAT stuff would bring some cash at the swap meet.

I feel it in my bones that soon, I will see boxes going out and then I'm going to have a problem of whether or not to call the cops. Last time I did (a break in I witnessed) the cops pretty much called me crazy and refused to take a report or to attempt to get the people out of the house. I and 2 neighbors knew there were 2 ladies in there overnight, and no authority cared because of all the previous 'false alarms'. Real stupidity on their parts. I was frustrated and vowed not to call them again.

The poor old guy will never know, since I don't think he will ever be coming home. Sad. But it's his doing. He refuses to make choices of who should be in charge and shuns his relative's help. Snake knows how to manipulate and it's a really sad state of affairs.

So I watch....Gives me something to do when nothing good is on TV. rotfl

UPDATE: Cyber Monday. The pick up truck guy was back with his wife and together they picked up the rest of the stuff they had stacked near the gate. 3 trash cans full of metal stuff, 2 lawnmowers, misc metal stuff, and the wheelbarrow. Took that too. BUT they raked and swept the yard and cement areas. I'm really thinking that the city (who sent us all notices about 'junk' cleanup warnings, might have actually cited or sent a real warning to the guy and his pals decided to do the cleanup for him. We will know if we see city inspectors over there with clipboards. They were around a few weeks back looking up addresses and checking things off.

In the meantime, the caretaker guy and his ex girlfriend (who was boxing stuff) noticed something had 'changed'. He stopped by, she called me at 11:15 PM. Ugh. I have my next door neighbor going to confession for me and now my nice lady next door friend because we both pretended to not know anything about anything. Advised them to look for themselves and then check with the old guy to see if he knows who did the cleaning. Not my problem anymore unless I see a REAL break in by someone I don't know.

I'm still having fun...