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neurologist - 12/06/12 04:34 PM

are they very helpful, my husband is going to one in 2 weeks for $200.00.
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Re: neurologist - 12/06/12 04:38 PM

I would imagine if he was sent there, it is necessary. They are a specialist so you generally would not see them unless it was something a General Practioner is not comfortable with.

Ana wave12
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Re: neurologist - 12/06/12 04:44 PM

okay thank you very much, i am not bad mouthing them i just do not know anything about them.
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Re: neurologist - 12/07/12 01:35 AM

They deal with problems in the Nervous System which are the nerve pathways for feeling and for controlling muscles.
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Re: neurologist - 12/07/12 03:29 AM

I have to go to Neurologists for over 40 years now because of my migraines. I was always contented so far. I'am glad there are neurologists on this earth. Don't worry, they'll help your hubby. All the best!

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Re: neurologist - 12/07/12 08:52 AM

okay thanks everybody very much.