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Posted by: NDLVR

Website help - 12/09/12 02:42 PM

For years my site has be ran on Wordpress, mostly because it's themeswitcher plugin lets me skin my site without any mistakes. Lately though, I've had personal issues with wordpress, and tried switching to drupal.

I got Drupal to do what I want, though it's being and pain and I honestly don't like the interface. I tried to go back to WP (even though it would never look how I want; I'd like all themes to have the same widgets, but some themes would have 1 sidebar, others would have two...all depending on the theme's specific width -- so the ones with two would have the widgets split between the sidebars instead of all in one....but the widgets in the 2sidebar themes' second sidebar doesn't show in the themes with one sidebars' sidebar), now WP is being a pain. No matter if it's made in Artisteer or downloaded from, whenever I install a theme (it can have one sidebar or two, doesn't matter) when I view the site, the sidebar(s) disappear. Also in the widgets area, I set the main sidebar like:
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And in some (the ones installed defaultly even) some of the widgets disappear when you go to view
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Re: Website help - 12/09/12 02:55 PM

I hope someone that is familiar with it can help you.

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Re: Website help - 12/09/12 09:43 PM

I'd be willing to look at another script is someone knows of one that's easy to configure, easy to set up and easy to make custom themes for.