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TGIF - 12/20/12 10:59 PM

"I shall not die of a cold. I shall die of having lived."
Willa Carter

A guy named Joe receives a free ticket to the SuperBowl from his company. Unfortunately, when Joe arrives at the stadium, he realizes the seat is in the last row in the corner of the stadium, he's closer to the Goodyear Blimp than the field. About halfway through the first quarter, Joe sees through his binoculars an empty seat 10 rows off the field right on the 50 yardline.

He decides to take a chance and makes his way through the stadium and around the security guards to the empty seat. As he sits down, Joe asks the gentleman sitting next to him, "Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?"

The man says "No."

Now, very excited to be in such a great seat for the game, Joe again inquires of the man next to him, "This is incredible! Who in their right mind would have a seat like this at the SuperBowl and not use it?!"

The man replies, "Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first SuperBowl we haven't been together at since we got married in 1967."

"Well, that's really sad," said Joe, "but still, you couldn't find anyone to take the seat? A friend or close relative?" "No," the man replies, "They're all at the funeral."

One Sunday afternoon, a guy walks into a bar with his pet dog. The bartender said, "Sorry, pal. No pets allowed." The man replied, "This is a special dog. Turn on the Jets game and you'll see." The bartender, anxious to see what will happen, turned on the game. The guy said, "Watch. Whenever the Jets score, my dog does flips." The Jets keep scoring field goals and the dog keeps flipping and jumping. "Wow! That's one hell of a dog you got there. What happens when the Jets score a touchdown?" asked the bartender. The man replied, "I don't know. I've only had him for seven years."

The huge college freshman decided to try out for the football team. "Can you tackle?" asked the coach. "Watch this," said the freshman, who proceeded to run smack into a telephone pole, shattering it to splinters. "Wow," said the coach. "I'm impressed. Can you run?"
"Of course I can run," said the freshman. He was off like a shot, and, in just over nine seconds, he had run a hundred yard dash. "Great!" enthused the coach. "But can you pass a football?" The freshman hesitated for a few seconds. "Well, sir," he said, "if I can swallow it, I can probably pass it." (GRONE)

Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear were in divorce court. The judge looked down and asked the Baby Bear, "So Baby Bear, do you want to live with Daddy Bear?" "Oh, no," Baby Bear replied, "I don't want to live with Daddy Bear. He beat me." "Well then, you should live with Mommy Bear," answered the judge. "On, no, I don't want to live with Mommy Bear. She beat me." "Well then, Baby Bear, who do you want to live with?" Baby Bear said, "I want to live with the Chicago Bears. They don't beat anybody!"

A couple of Yogi Berra's team mates on the Yankees ball club swear that one night the stocky catcher was horrified to see a baby toppling off the roof of a cottage across the way from him. Yogi dashed over and made a miraculous catch - but then force of habit proved too much for him. He straightened up and threw the baby to second base.

The other day was Take Your Daughter To Work day. The Cubs had a fun time, played a little scrimmage against their daughters. Unfortunately they lost, 15-3.

One day, the Devil challenged the Lord to a baseball game. Smiling the Lord proclaimed, "You don't have a chance; I have Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and all the greatest players up here". "Yes", snickered the devil, "but I have all the umpires."

A rookie pitcher was struggling at the mound, so the catcher walked up to have a talk with him. "I've figured out your problem," he told the young southpaw. "You always lose control at the same point in every game." "When is that?" "Right after the National Anthem."

A man walks into a bar with a dog. The bartender says, "You can't bring that dog in here." "You don't understand," says the man. "This is no regular dog, he can talk."
"Listen, pal," says the bartender. "If that dog can talk, I'll give you a hundred bucks. "The man puts the dog on a stool, and asks him, "What's on top of a house?"
"Roof!" "Right. And what's on the outside of a tree?" "Bark!" "And who's the greatest baseball player of all time?" "Ruth!" "I guess you've heard enough," says the man. "I'll take the hundred in twenties." The bartender is furious. "Listen, pal," he says, "get out of here before I belt you." As soon as they're on the street, the dog turns to the man and says, "Do you think I should have said 'DiMaggio'?"

It was a cold winter day. An old man walked out onto a frozen lake, cut a hole in the ice, dropped in his fishing line, and waited patiently for a bite. He was there for almost an hour, without even a nibble, when a young boy walked out onto the ice, cut a hole in the ice next to him. The young boy dropped his fishing line and minutes later he hooked a Largemouth Bass. The old man couldn't believe his eyes but chalked it up to plain luck. Shortly thereafter, the young boy pulled in another large catch. The young boy kept catching fish after fish.

Finally, the old man couldn't take it any longer. "Son" he said, "I've been here for over an hour without even a nibble. You've been here only a few minutes and have caught a half dozen fish! How do you do it?" The boy responded, "Roo raf roo reep ra rums rrarm." "What was that?" the old man asked. Again the boy responded, "Roo raf roo reep ra rums rarrm." "Look," said the old man, "I can't understand a word you're saying." The boy spat the bait into his hand and said... "You have to keep the worms warm!"

Good morning everyboomie. santa

Are you hungry?

I hope you're keeping your worms warm.

Ay mo Ay ahm. sick

So this morning I get up and look out my window and the sun is shining.

I knew immediately that it wasn't yesterday anymore. bravo12

Either that or I'm still sitting on my couch with my head back, and my mouth open, and dreaming that it's morning. tired

Oh I'll bet that's it! How else would you explain that worm thing?

Surely you don't really think I would post such a tasteless joke do you? shame12

I gave up worms during my toddlerhood. pacify

Have a happy day everyone. When you wake up. wink12

When I wake up. sleep12

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Re: TGIF - 12/20/12 11:11 PM

Hey! No picking on my Cubbies! lol12

I didn't make it out of my corner yesterday so hopefully I will be able to take the dogs out to play in the snow. I look forward to taking photos of animal prints in the new fallen snow. Then, I will be in the corner the rest of the day.

Have a happy day Joe and all....

Sharon, I hope all is well. hearts

Ana wave12
Posted by: Haroula

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 02:40 AM

Good morning boomers,have all a happy day santadance wave12
Posted by: cailyn

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 03:34 AM

Good morning Joe,Ana,Haroula and all who follow me in wave12Ana no snow here just more rain at 42 degrees winterPresents are all wrapped and no last minute things to pick up santadanceI'll put the coffee on and keep it hot have a happy Friday everyone grinch
Posted by: venus

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 04:10 AM

Hello and goodbye. wave12
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 05:16 AM

wave12 Good Morning Joe, Ana, Haroula, Cailyn and venus. Hope it's a quiet day for all! wave12
Posted by: Midge

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 06:30 AM

Good morning. I have an early work shift today. I hope you all have a great Friday. See you later.

Midgie hearts
Posted by: connie

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 07:17 AM

Good morning everyone. It is finely going to get cold here, but alas no snow. winter A Target trip is on the agenda for today. To all here and all who follow, have a Wonderful TGIF. Danish, Oatmeal with Cinnamon Sugar, and Hot Chocolate in the NC. happydance12
Posted by: GBC

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 07:39 AM

Good Morning Boomers

Joe, have a good one!

Ana, sorry you didn't get a break from the corner. Enjoy the snow!

Venus, hi and bye!

Cailyn, rain it is for the day! Coffee sounds good.

Haroula, have a great day!

Gerry, have fun whatever is on your agenda.

Midgie, wishing you an easy work morning.

Connie, have fun at Tarket. Thanks for the Danish!

It's my 49th Anniversary today. Where did the time go? Will be enjoying a Chineses dinner tonight. woot
Posted by: manxman

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 09:00 AM

Good morning everyone. Getting close to the big day. Last minute shopping is quickly arriving. It's today or fight the crowds on the weekend santadance
Posted by: connie

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 09:13 AM

Happy Anniversary, Gail. penguin
Posted by: Darlene

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 09:56 AM

wave12 Howdy ho, sweet Joe! Thank you for the openers! Have a terrific TGIF!!

Hey, Gail! Happy Anniversary toooooooooo yoooooouuuuuu!!!!! woot

Good morning, sweet 'Boomies!

Alrighty, gotta skoosh! See you later!
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Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 10:30 AM

Good morning Boomers

Just wanted to say that we arrived safely in Italy, that the weather is nice (sunshine, blue sky, temps 48F), that Internet is working (so far) and that I got a headache from driving after sundown yesterday and from the lights of the headlamps of the other cars. Will go to bed early today so as to be chipper and painless again tomorrow.

I hope everything is all right in Boomerland. Happy TGIF everybody. See you (hopefully) tomorrow again. The world here in Europe is still turning and I hope the same for you living over the pond.

Nan: thanks bunches for the Band! They took as save to Italy. They should be with you again now to keep other Boomers save. thanks

Gail: happy Anniversary!!

Just saw Midge's post of Wednesday. I'am so sorry for you. I hope you will have some nice visits with your Mum too in future. HUGS!

Hugs from Evelyne
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Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 10:52 AM

Good morning everybody. wave12

It's been a little rough here this morning with a tummy ache. sick

All better now though. thumbsup12

I hope everyone has a nice day. rah

Evie glad you made it back to Italy safely. Sorry you have another headache. Bigga hugs. kissy12

Ana I hope you get out of the corner today for some quality doggie time. puppy

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 11:12 AM

Good morning boomies. Slept in this morning so I'll have to stay up later to get my work time in. I do indeed plan on running the dogs. It's a lovely white out there, just enough to cover the ground. They were way off on the forecast, we had a boatload of rain before it got cold out to turn to snow. The only real problem is the ice all over.

I have a 5K to run on New Years Day morning so I have to get used to running in the cold. It will be interesting.

JOe, I hope your tummy is better. hearts

Evelyne, glad to hear you made it safely and hope you enjoy Italy. I hope your head will cooperate with your visit.

Darlene, safe skooshing!

manxman, I have one left to go and not sure when I can find something. I'll start panicking on Monday. lol12

Gail, happy anniversary to you! 49 years is fantastic! hearts

Connie, have a great day!

Midgie, I hope you have Christmas off.

Gerry, have a great day.

Sue, I'm not sure if we are sending any weather your way, but we got the cold now. It 21 this morning. I'm sure Nan got us beat!

Venus, hope work goes well.

Haroula, is it still warm by you? the corner and then a chilly run with the dogs.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 11:26 AM

Fantastic Friday ya'll puppy

Kids are here. I'm cleaning. The sun is shining but it's not warm out there. Hubby will be home shortly and we will be heading out to Callaway.

Back much later wave12
Posted by: flutist

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 11:29 AM

Good morning y'all.

Ahhh, the sun is shining and it is 30 out. Brrrr.

Well now, is everyone ready for Santa? santadance We are.

Well, gotta get back to the laundry.

Have a nice day everyone.

Posted by: Haroula

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 11:44 AM

Gail.Happy Anniversary santadance
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 12:01 PM

Anybody need some cool????? It was a nice +6F out there this morning when me and Sassy went walking. Brrrrr! At least there wasn't a wind.

Joe may the work day fly and go well! Thanks for the laughs.

Ana enjoy the new little snow. lol12 Most of ours is gone from all the rain we had and no new snow. It almost made it here though yesterday. We just got the winds.

Hope the head is pain free and that the project is moving right along for ya. Have a fun run with the dogs. Good luck on the 5K!!!

wave12 Haroula, Cailyn, Gerry, Midge, venus, manxman. May you all have a lovely day!

Gail.....Happy Anniversary!!! Fantastic acomplishment!!! Enjoy the chinese!! happydance12

Connie if I give you my list will you please pick a few things up for me so I don't have to go out in the cold???? lol12 Have fun shopping and a lovely day!

Bets did ya get any snow from that storm??? Have fun with the laundry!!

L4l have a lovely time looking at the lights and prayers for the Band for a safe travel!!

Evelyne so glad you and hubby have made it to your destination safely. happydance12 Have a lovely time and I hope the net stays working for you!! HUGS and hope the head is better in the morning.

Darlene may everything go smoothly today!! Have a lovely day!

Hope that all is well with Sharon!!

No plans till taxi time.

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 12:32 PM

L4L, have a wonderful day with the kids and hubby! Is son going too?

Bets, have a great day!

Nan, that is soooo cold! It was crazy windy through the night here last night. You could here everything creaking. lol12 Stay warm!
Posted by: Lotus777

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 12:51 PM

Good Morning!
Joe, you are so funny!
Hi Ana, stay warm and I am wondering how Sharon is too.
Hi to Haroula, Sue, venus, Gerry, and Midgie.
Connie, I got the cutest pair of rainboots at Target online !
Happy Anniversary Gail!!!
Hi Darlene and manxman! Hope you get your last minutes taken care of soon! wink12
Glad you are safe in Italy, Evelyne! Enjoy your stay! Merry Christmas to you, my deah!
Hi L4L, enjoy the kids!!!
Hello Bets!
Ana and Nan, please stay warm. I think it is cold here in the 30's! Ha! I don't think I could endure your temps, lol!!! Stay warm and safe.
All Christmas shopping and wrapping is done, yay! I built my hubby a new laptop from HP. He couldn't wait for that so I didn't have to wrap it... rolleyes12
Everyone have a nice day and Happy Gaming!! wave12
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 12:59 PM

Ana, yes son is coming. He is not feeling well, but is coming along for the ride. We are leaving lots of time to get there, so we can stop often if needed.

It is 47 out there with a 21 mile an hour wind! Lets hope it improves in GA where Callaway is. Thankfully, we will drive through the lights in our car, but the prelight time will be filled with walking around and I don't have a coat. Will borrow a jacket from hubby or bundle up in my GameBoomers hoodie. rotfl12
Posted by: cailyn

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 01:21 PM

Gail Happy Anniversary to you and Hubby wave12Ana we have terrible wind right now with heavy rain eek12L4L the Light show santaWishing everyone a great afternoon presents12
Posted by: Space Quest Fan

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 01:25 PM

Good afternoon Boomers. The snow is coming. sad
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 03:36 PM

Ana hope you made it out running!! We have warmed to a nice 22F with very little wind. Happy game writing. lol12

Lotus 30 would be nice. lol12 Enjoy!!

L4l you can borrow my coat if you would like. Garrantee to keep you warm and then some. lol12

Cailyn keep on eye on it as it will soon be snow there too.

Space enjoy the snow for a White Christmas!!

Time to get ready so the taxi may run. Have a nice rest of the day all!!

Posted by: Haroula

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 03:51 PM

sleep12 wave12
Posted by: Yankee Clipper

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 04:47 PM

Lotus and all read my post on the birthday thing -it's about kitty cat.

Lovely warm day and tomatos look pretty good and I may have sprouted a pomegranate bush. Hope it's warm enough for them here.

All this snow up north -I kinda miss it- Wake up in AM, look out window and trees woods yards covered and a stillness. Getting nostalgic.

Anyway on to the game baddies and today I'll gettem.

Happy Friday
Posted by: gymcandy1

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 08:24 PM

Howdy doodie everbootie. wave12

I think I'm ready for bed already. tired

I'm tired for some reason.

It was a sunny sunny day with very little wind or breeze, and we got up to around 62 or 63. yay12

It's cold tonight though. Perhaps that's why I'm ready to go to bed. wink12

Crawling between the sheets and watching a movie sounds like a good idea. woot

I'd better get tomorrow posted before I get overwhelmed by the idea. snicker

Posted by: Midge

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 09:32 PM

Night all. See you in the morning. I don't hsve to work until5:00 tomorrow evening. yay12

Midge sleep12
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: TGIF - 12/21/12 09:36 PM

Taxi home and parked! Had a good time!

Midge that is nice you can sleep in!! Are you all unpacked now??

Night to all those off to bed! Sleep well.

Yankee hope your day has been just what you wanted for a birthday!!

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: TGIF - 12/22/12 12:20 AM

Sweet dreams...