Friday On My Mind

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Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 12:28 AM

"We may run, walk, stumble, drive, or fly, but let us never lost sight of the reason for the journey, or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way." --
Gloria Gaither


Customer: Hi. How much is your paint?
Clerk: Well, sir, that all depends on quite a lot of things.

Customer: Can you give me a guess? Is there an average price?
Clerk: Our lowest price is $12 a gallon, and we have 60 different prices up to $200 a gallon.

Customer: What's the difference in the paint?
Clerk: Oh, there isn't any difference; it's all the same paint.

Customer: Well, then I'd like some of that $12 paint.
Clerk: When do you intend to use the paint?

Customer: I want to paint tomorrow. It's my day off.
Clerk: Sir, the paint for tomorrow is the $200 paint.

Customer: When would I have to paint to get the $12 paint?
Clerk: You would have to start very late at night in about 3 weeks. But you will have to agree to start painting before Friday of that week and continue painting until at least Sunday.

Customer: You've got to be *&%^#@* kidding!
Clerk: I'll check and see if we have any paint available.

Customer: You have shelves FULL of paint! I can see it!
Clerk: But it doesn't mean that we have paint available. We sell only a certain number of gallons on any given weekend. Oh, and by the way, the price per gallon just went to $16. We don't have any more $12 paint.

Customer: The price went up as we were talking?
Clerk: Yes, sir. We change the prices and rules hundreds of times a day, and since you haven't actually walked out of the store with your paint yet, we just decided to change. I suggest you purchase your paint as soon as possible. How many gallons do you want?

Customer: Well, maybe five gallons. Make that six, so I'll have enough.
Clerk: Oh no, sir, you can't do that. If you buy paint and don't use it, there are penalties and possible confiscation of the paint you already have.

Customer: WHAT?
Clerk: We can sell enough paint to do your kitchen, bathroom, hall and north bedroom, but if you stop painting before you do the bedroom, you will lose your remaining gallons of paint.

Customer: What does it matter whether I use all the paint? I already paid you for it!
Clerk: We make plans based upon the idea that all our paint is used, every drop. If you don't, it causes us all sorts of problems.

Customer: This is crazy!! I suppose something terrible happens if I don't keep painting until after Saturday night!
Clerk: Oh yes! Every gallon you bought automatically becomes the $200 paint.

Customer: But what are all these, "Paint on sale from $10 a liter" signs?
Clerk: Well that's for our budget paint. It only comes in half-gallons. One $5 half-gallon will do half a room. The second half-gallon to complete the room is $20. None of the cans have labels, some are empty and there are no refunds, even on the empty cans.

Customer: To hell with this! I'll buy what I need somewhere else!
Clerk: I don't think so, sir. You may be able to buy paint for your bathroom and bedrooms, and your kitchen and dining room from someone else, but you won't be able to paint your connecting hall and stairway from anyone but us. And I should point out, sir, that if you paint in only one direction, it will be $300 a gallon.

Customer: I thought your most expensive paint was $200!
Clerk: That's if you paint around the room to the point at which you started. A hallway is different.

Customer: And if I buy $200 paint for the hall, but only paint in one direction, you'll confiscate the remaining paint.
Clerk: No, we'll charge you an extra use fee plus the difference on your next gallon of paint. But I believe you're getting it now, sir.

Customer: You're insane!
Clerk: Thanks for painting with United.


Roses are red, violets are blue, I once thought I was ugly, until I saw you!

Just because you have one doesn't mean you have to act like one!

A man's got to do what a man's got to do. A woman must do what he can't.

Men's brains are like the prison system - not enough cells.

Stupidity does not qualify as a handicap, park elsewhere!

You have a right to your opinions. I just don't want to hear them.

Good morning everyboomie!  wave12

Anybody want some paint for breakfast?  woot

Would you like bacon or sausage with it? 

That'll be $200 please.  grinch

Thank you for your contribution to the gymcandy retirement fund. urock

Hey everybody IT'S FRIDAY!!  penguin

This particular Friday is particularly awesome because I am off of work. woot

There's is however not much in particular for me to do today, because it is particularly cold outside, and we're supposed to be having some frozen particulate falling. shiver

If you're not doing anything in particular, come on over and we can be particularly bored together. tired

Have a happy day everyone.

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Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 03:41 AM

Good morning Joe wave12It's quiet in here this morning everyone must be lucky and still be sleeping!Coffe ia ready it goes with Joe's paint with bacon,happy Friday all happydance12
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 04:52 AM

winter shiver Good Morning Joe and Cailyn. Joe how about some gaming to ease the boredom! Cailyn I think the cold is keeping everyone away! Happy Day all! shiver winter
Posted by: Midge

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 05:38 AM

Good morning. Br-r-r-r it's cold out there. shiver Working this morning. Drinking my tea while I type. Thanks Joe for your openers. Hi Sue and Gerry. See you guys later. Have a good day.

Midgie hearts
Posted by: connie

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 06:46 AM

Good morning everyone. We need to go to CVS to pick up our meds sometime today. Rainy and quite cool here today. To all here and all who follow, have a Great TGIF. Danish, Apple Turnovers, and Donuts in the NC. Crunchy Donut Holes for L4L. winter
Posted by: Gimli

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 08:01 AM

Good morning! (Afternoon here)

Just wanted to say hello and to tell you that the ceramics course is wonderful, the teacher great and the group is wonderful too. Americans, Australians, Italians, Germans and a Swiss Girl (me). All women... You can imagine the chattering....

Hope everything is all right at your end of the world. Weather fine here in Tuscany and the wine.... mmmhhhhhh... sooo good.

Hope to see you soon again. Love from

Posted by: Darlene

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 10:02 AM

winter Howdy ho, sweet Joe! Thanks for the openers! Hope you find something wonderfully exciting to do on your day off! Happy Friday!

Evelyne, I'm jealous! Wine in Tuscany... yes

Hey, Ana! Thanks for asking after Mum. She's doing OK, but she's becoming more fragile as time passes... hearts

Good morning, sweet 'Boomies!

Easy peasy weekend planned...

Alrighty, gotta skoosh! See you later!
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 10:15 AM

Late for class....see you after I get done. Have a happy day!
Posted by: SharonB

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 10:54 AM

What simply wonderful stupendous day! Although cold shiver

I'm finally home again. Had the best nights sleep in ages.

I broke out of I mean i escaped I mean I was discharged from a nursing rehab jail facility yesterday.

So once again I'm free to roam the lands of my apartment. No more bells or people waking me up in the middle of the night to ask if I need pain medicine. No more intimate questions about my bathroom activities. And I can finally be alone again. I don't know which was worse. The constant pain or sharing a room with a very nice woman with a large nice chatty family.

Thanks to all those who sent well wishes/vibes/prayers my way. You can tell they did the job cause I'm still here. Not quite out of the woods yet but getting there. woot

I'm glad to be back and I would like to wish belated Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all! santadance newyear HNY winter presents12 happydance12

Posted by: GBC

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 11:11 AM

Good Morning Boomers

Wishing everyone a wonderful day! Not feeling the best today but wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone. wave12
Posted by: flutist

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 11:27 AM

Good Friday morning to everyone.

Doing the usual. No Joe, I am not doing it for you. rotfl12 Wish all you like, the answer is NO!!

There, that ought to take care of him.

Hey, it is supposed to get to 40 today. Heat wave. Woo hoo. That means Cory gets to go for a walk this afternoon.

Gotta fix that lasagna today. Can I sneak a piece? No, everyone will know. Aw shucks.

Well, I am going to go play a game while I wait for the dryer to quit so, everyone have a wonderful day today

Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 11:47 AM

Bets just make a little pan for you and Bill. Noone will ever know. lol12 Have fun gaming!

Joe thanks for the laughs and I surely hope you enjoy your day off. Baby will be happy!!

Cailyn thanks for the coffee!! Hit's the spot! Hope it warms there. Was 12 when me and Sassy went walking but now it is a nice 22!!!

Gerry stay warm and have a nice day!

Sharon so glad to see that you are back and that you are home. Been wondering and thought.......maybe, just maybe, things didn't go right and you had to stay. What a shame since it was over the holiday time but so glad you are OK now. HUGS!

Midge stay warm and have fun at work!!

Connie have a lovely day and thanks for the danish!!

Evelyne sounds like you are having way too much fun at class!!! lol12 Continue to have a lovely time!! Oh....enjoy the wine!!!

Darlene may everything go smoothly today!!

Aw Gail so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. HUGS and Prayers!! May you feel better soonest!!

Ana have fun at class!! Catch ya later.

No plans till taxi time and then I'll be off to the Moose to work the fish fry!! WooHoo!!

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Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 12:03 PM

Fantastic Friday ya'll puppy

I am so confused about which day it really is. Tis ok, I'll figure it out eventually.

Tis cold in Bama. I'll be pretending it's Monday and boiling some books today. Thought I had them all taken care of yesterday til hubby came walking in with all his from their recent trip.

Sharon, glad you are home and hope you are at your best soonest!

Back later wave12
Posted by: Sorta Blonde

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 12:05 PM

There's no place like home...Glad you are back there SharonB. Keep strong and recover quickly!
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 12:21 PM

I really hate health clubs in January. Parking is full, classes are jammed with people who have no sense of personal space and just no club etiquette whatsoever.

Sharon, what a great surprise to see you here! You were in my thoughts everyday even though I stopped inquiring here. I'm sorry it was more complicated than you were hoping for and I hope that you can get back to your routine again. hearts

Gail, big hugs for you. I hope you feel better quickly. hearts

Nan, have fun tonight. It was 11 degrees this morning and it was really hard to get myself out the door. I'll be cooking fish tonight too.

Joe, if you are bored come on over. I can always use a hiking buddy or help with a puzzle. grin12

Bets, you can always make a small pan for you and Bill.

Darlene, will you be traveling to see your mom? Have a great day.

Evelyne, I am so glad to see you enjoying yourself. Life is good! What does hubby do while you are in class?

Connie, how is hubby feeling?

Midgie, stay warm!

Gerry, you still walking every morning? Do you go later when it's so chilly?

Sue, you are up early today. I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Back to work for me and then I'll get the dogs out after lunch. Hopefully I'll remain upright today. lol12

EDIT - I guess I took too long to type my post. Others snuck in. oops

L4L, if you have any leftover after you get done cooking, keep me in mind. lol12

Sorta, feeling any older today?

Ana wave12

Posted by: Sorta Blonde

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 02:55 PM

Hi Ana, yup feeling a whole year older and trying to rehearse how old I am so I won't get it wrong if someone should ask. I'm at an odd age now. If any youngster calls me 'ma'am' now I guess I am. evil
Posted by: SharonB

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 03:25 PM

Thanks for caring Ana. What an ordeal! I went from a possible stent placement to the position of needing all 3 coronary arteries bipassed plus the valve replaced with a plastic valve and they placed pacemaker leads for just in case. I came through the surgery and somewhere along the line they decided not to replace the valve and eventually the pacemaker leads were pulled. But bottom line I had to have open heart surgery - they sawed through several ribs to get my heart out and do some nipping and tucking.

So now that's fixed and I just have to be careful (sternum precautions) and heal up as best I can. My nurses and therapist all say I'm doing very well. I'm just coping with the pain as best I can and taking things slowly.

The worse part for me to endure other than the pain was that I needed to stay in a rehab facility for at least a week and I couldn't be alone. There were always people in the room talking and talking and they never stopped talking. It was driving me bonkers. So against my doctor's advice I discharged myself to my own home. He wanted me to stay with family for another 3 weeks but I could not have endured it. I needed my space.

Anyway, things are working out well. the visiting physical therapist does not think I can benefit from her services at this time so she is discharging herself. (Outpatient Cardiac Rehab would benefit me more).

I've got a couple more therapists/nurses coming next week so we'll see how that works out. Everyone seems to agree with me that I am managing my own home care fine.

The challenge now is to get to my doctor appointments - and get my laundry done. And go shopping. I can't drive for a while. And I can't lift anything. So that creates a problem. Maybe the occupational therapist can offer some kind of home help for transportation, shopping, etc.

I'm so GLAD to be home. My cat hollered at me nonstop for hours yesterday. I put her in a lot of stress the whole time I was gone and she worried constantly. Now we are content. catrub

Edit: Thanks Sorta. I'm amazingly lucky to be alive at all.
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 03:27 PM

Sorta lol12

Ana, soon you will have the club to yourself once those good intentioners are done. lol12 Have a great upright walk with the dogs.

Time to take Sassy out for a walk and then get ready and run the taxi and then head to the Moose!!

Have a lovely rest of the day all!!

Posted by: Space Quest Fan

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 03:41 PM

Welcome to the weekend Boomers. HNY
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 04:07 PM

Wow, that was a short work week. puppy
Posted by: niteowl07

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 04:34 PM

happy new year , everyone ! hope it's a good one !

sorry for not being here much - last month was a weird one - my dad had several small strokes before christmas ( he's doing great now ),my nephew was getting settled into their new house just a few miles from me ,and my internet was down more often than up. the usual real life stuff.

now i have to catch up on what everyone's been up to ,and stay warm at the same time ! shiver and as cold as it is here in the mountains , i'm glad i'm not in new england anymore ! bright sides to everything.

back soon ,have fun ! wave12
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 05:07 PM

Niteowl, so good to hear that your dad is doing well now. We missed you and hope that things run more smoothly for you in this new year. puppy
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 05:40 PM

If anyone wants to try a delicious healthy sherbet, I just played around with a few ingredients and it turned out amazing. Take a container of Fage, a couple sliced frozen bananas and a cup of frozen berries (any kind) and put it in a food processor. Amazing and perfectly healthy and nutritious.

Sorta, I am still adjusting to my age as well. It's just a number to me anyway. I feel young!

Sharon, you really went through the ringer. I hope that you can get some assistance around the house. Maybe you can find a grocery delivery also. Many do not charge much at all for the service. Big Hugs!

Nan, after January the novelty dies down and their resolutions are history and it'll be back to those that really feel like working out. We were all given ab lecture in the beginning of class about welcoming the newbies. It felt like gradeschool. :rotfl:
Stay warm!

SpaceQ, anything fun planned?

L4L, my hubby would beg to differ. lol12

niteowel, good to see you! yay12 I am sorry to hear about your dad but glad he is doing better. I hope your new year is wonderful!

Ana wave12
Posted by: Yankee Clipper

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 07:18 PM

Not a kitty-cat kind of day, that's for sure!! But-it's warmer,well, 46 anyway. Oh luxurious comfy.

Last week in my backyard there was a female starving pitbull and obvious she has puppies so I started feeding her but couldn't find her pups because I planned to call the pit bull rescue. Soon another dog stole her food each day. Yesterday I found her home and the other dog's home and ripped them because she looked so bad -the male lookes OK, he's a black retriever. This AM I took some cans of pedrigree over for her and confessed that I'm so happy she has a home. I would not apologize -I meant what I said. They are going to keep her, her name is Lola. This summer I could offer to have her spayed. The place is pretty bad. But then there's the 5 pups. These people look kinda degenerate really and the clutter on the porch, good grief. Won't it be better when we all have to buy our pets.

Happier thoughts. My kits have alot of upscale catnip infused toys but prefer to play with invisible mice and attack my feet ouch!! They are the yeowww catnip toys. 50$ worth from amazon.

How's 2013 so far?
Posted by: gymcandy1

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 07:54 PM

Hello everybody. wave12

Well the sun came out, for a while, and it warmed up a bit more than expected, so I loaded up and went to Mom's to play with Baby. puppy

Baby and I went head hunting, of course. I walked around and dug for over 2 hours and found nothing. I finally gave up, and walked over and picked Baby up and found a point on the ground near her. rah Yaaaaa!

It's been worked and reworked, sharpened and resharpened, but it's still a nice point. thumbsup12

Here's a pic.

I have to get up at 3:30, so I'm off to get tomorrow posted and get to bed. smile12

Good night everybody. wave12

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 08:05 PM

Joe, it's a beauty! Baby is either your good luck charm or she has learned to hunt points. puppy I think she's a little of both.

Yankee, bless your heart for feeding the pit. So sad when people do not take care of their animals.

Garage door repairman just left. A great start to the New Year was when the spring snapped in the cold on New Years Day. Hope that's it on repairs for awhile.

Back to work....

Ana wave12
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 10:09 PM

Taxi home and parked!! Had a good time at the fish fry! Not too busy for the first night back but a steady busy!!

Ana hope the corner project is moving right along.

Joe what a lovely find!! That was nice of Baby to help out though. lol12

Yankee....Bless you!! Hope those people take care of the dogs right though.

Good to see you niteowl!! Sorry to hear that about your dad but glad he is doing well now. Happy New Year!!!

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 10:14 PM

Glad you had fun tonight Nan. The project is going well, no stress, just looking forward to a day off.

Ana wave12
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Friday On My Mind - 01/04/13 11:02 PM

Well, we are watching the Cotton Bowl....not sure what to say about it. We usually root for A&M cos they are SEC, but decided to be loyal to the family this year and root for OK. sad rotfl12

Ok, can't watch this anymore. Off to bed with me. Sleep well all sleep12