Posted by: lilmandalyn

Grandma - 01/15/13 02:35 AM

My grandmother has been a gameboomers member for 30 years. I just joined. I have been playing games with her since as far back as i can remember. This site is too cool. I just love playing games but its no fun when you get stuck. I definatley will be utilizing all your guys hints.
Posted by: cailyn

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 04:16 AM

welcometo Gameboomers lilmandalyn you can get a lot of help around here wave
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 04:46 AM

welcome Lilmandalyn welcome to GB! welcome
Posted by: Mad

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 04:51 AM

Hi lilmandalyn smile Nice to see you here !! grin
Posted by: connie

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 07:19 AM

welcome to Gameboomers.
Posted by: Midge

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 07:26 AM

welcome to Gameboomers lilmandalyn.

Midgie hearts
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 09:58 AM

welcome to GameBoomers lilmandalyn. May I ask who your grandma is on GameBoomers?

Ana wave
Posted by: Darlene

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 10:04 AM

welcome lilmandalyn!
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 11:50 AM

welcome Lilmandayln welcome

We are so glad to have you join us wave puppy
Posted by: Haroula

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 11:54 AM

welcomelilmandalyn wave
Posted by: Sorta Blonde

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 12:01 PM

Another new happy gamer joins the crew! Welcome lilmandalyn! wave
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 12:12 PM

I was wondering who Grandma is too... Welcome lilmandalyn!
Posted by: Niki

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 12:39 PM

welcome Lilmandalyn smile
Posted by: marie

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 12:43 PM

welcomelilmandalyn too our family wave
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 01:35 PM

welcome to Gameboomers!!! Enjoy!!
Posted by: Mad

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 01:38 PM

Just struck me .... 30 years a member ??

I thought Gameboomers was around 13 years old woozy
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 01:43 PM

Sometimes things are so a part of you, you just feel like you have been a part of them forever. hearts
Posted by: Mad

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 01:54 PM

Well I've been here for 12 of the 13 so not bad goin' lol lol lol
Posted by: Leeana

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 02:09 PM

Welcome ... These Gameboomers (aka boomies) are mighty fine folks here, I love them all
Posted by: Space Quest Fan

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 03:32 PM

welcome Lilmandalyn. We are glad you have joined us. happydance
Posted by: butterflybabe

Re: Grandma - 01/15/13 05:54 PM

Grandma has taught you well. welcome wave
Posted by: Gimli

Re: Grandma - 01/16/13 03:48 AM

welcome to Gameboomers!!
Posted by: Lex

Re: Grandma - 01/19/13 05:43 AM

Welcome: sounds like there could be a Little Red Riding Hood parody in this somewhere! wink
Posted by: GBC

Re: Grandma - 01/19/13 07:14 AM

Hello lilmandalyn, welcome You're going to love it here!
Posted by: 3dobermans

Re: Grandma - 01/20/13 04:40 PM

Sending a welcome aboard to you as well. May you enjoy all that GB has to offer.
Posted by: Mugsy

Re: Grandma - 01/21/13 03:46 PM

Hi Lilmandalyn,welcome to Gameboomers. I know you'll love it here. welcome
Posted by: Jfi

Re: Grandma - 01/24/13 10:34 AM


I have been playing computer games for over thirty years and a GameBoomer member since 2002 or thereabouts.

When lilmandalyn and her cousins were very small they would take turns sitting on my lap and playing little people walking games. I am very pleased to say they are all really great with computers. And I am very happy and proud my granddaughter is a GameBoomer member.

Grandma June
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Grandma - 01/24/13 11:05 AM

yay We are thrilled that you have introduced your granddaughter to adventure games and GameBoomers. Thanks for popping in and letting us know who "Grandma" is. hearts

Ana wave
Posted by: Sorta Blonde

Re: Grandma - 01/24/13 11:49 AM

Aha! The mystery Grandma is revealed. 30 years of computer games is fantastic. I'm not sure how long I've been at it, but I don't think I started until the week I joined GB, got totally stuck and am so thankful that a friend recommended this site. I'll have to do some research now. Glad we are getting 'generations' of GB members. May the tradition be passed on to infinity. bravo
Posted by: Mad

Re: Grandma - 01/24/13 04:11 PM

Always great to see family members here together!! bravo

[ And the "30 years" is also explained now laugh ]
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Grandma - 01/25/13 05:34 AM

bravo Jfi how nice that your granddaughter is one of us now! Let the games begin for another generation!
Posted by: Lotus777

Re: Grandma - 01/25/13 07:18 PM

What a great story and nice to meet you too Lfi. welcomelilmanalyn.