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Apartment news - 01/19/13 05:44 PM

I have been so lazy lately it's time to update on all the fun stuff happening at the dreaded Apartments.

Last week, police there twice. Ambulance once taking away the snazzy dresser drug dealer. He was back in about 3 days looking OK.

Last night, during the Finale of Fringe (darn darn) SIX police cars arrived all quietly. 3 parked directly in front of MY house, 2 across the street 3 houses down, and one right in front of the Apartments. All police people got out and quietly assembled in the front parking area of the apartments and then disappeared inside somewhere. 1/2 hour later, at least one guy was put in the back of a police car and taken away. I saw the policeman put something into a paper bag and deposit it in his trunk and then bent over to the guy sitting in the back seat and said, "Where's the other sucker?" Didn't seem to get a reply and shut the door.

Then all the cars left in about 10 minutes and all was calm again. No muss, fuss, noise, lights, nothing. Seemed like a planned seek and arrest.

Just before all the cars arrived, our resident drunk lady walked up to the liquor store corner, was gone about 5 minutes and then walked back just after the cars pulled up and before any cops got out. They detained her for about 30 seconds and she walked into the apartments. Hummmmmmm.

I'm thinking SHE made a phone call, they were all staged somewhere waiting for her to call to tell them their 'target' was inside.

This morning, she and her boy toy were out front smoking, and the neighbor in between us was talking to them so I went out hoping to get some info on what happened.

Boy and her didn't seem happy to see me, clammed up, and the gal actually walked away after I asked if she saw all the police last night. She answered, "I slept through the whole thing." Which I know is a blatant lie since I saw her with the cops!

In any case, someone got arrested, someone went to jail and it wasn't the drunk lady and not her boy toy (who sells drugs) and it wasn't the other snazzy dresser guy who sells drugs since I saw all of them after the police left last night.

Still wondering. Will probably never know, but there is a strange truck parked in front of my house since yesterday afternoon and it's not moving. I have no idea whose it is, but maybe it belongs to the arrested guy?

Way too much fun lately. Hope it calms down. It's nothing but police and fire trucks and ambulances over there for a long time now. Way too much trouble for one little place!
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Re: Apartment news - 01/19/13 05:50 PM

Stay safe sorta!
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Re: Apartment news - 01/19/13 11:39 PM

Too much drama for me. Be careful Sorta.
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Re: Apartment news - 01/20/13 12:10 PM

Yup, the drama is getting old. Things are getting stupid around here. Just wish some of those trouble makers would move. Landlord/owner over there seems to put up with a ton of stuff and must know of the drug sales. It's soooo obvious.

They of course make tons of cash (probably don't declare most of it) and keep a nice clean looking exterior. You wouldn't never know what goes on unless you live next door. At least I have one house in between us.

Truck that parked in front of my house for 2 days left late last night. Missed who got in because it was so dark and it left quickly. I'm figuring it had to be associated with the arrest since it appeared and then all this stuff happened.

Gotta figure a way to let the city/police know that things need to change. I'm sure they are so tired of responding to that address too and are fearful that something very bad will happen.

Our surrounding communities (10 or miles away each) have had 4 police involved shootings in one week. Two suspects died, 2 are recovering. Police are more likely to draw guns since the suspects are not complying with orders and with all the shootings in the national news.

Praying for World Peace, or at least my neighborhood!
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Re: Apartment news - 01/20/13 12:18 PM

Sorta, at least you have a great attitude about it all. I hope they get it cleaned up soon.
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Re: Apartment news - 01/20/13 12:26 PM

My feeling is it can't last forever with all this fuss. Someone will move or be carted away. Happened a few years back with a group of young marrieds (or maybe not) who had major fights and lots of police all the time. Eventually they all moved out and things quieted down until this latest group moved in. It all starts over in a different way. I really think that with all the people I see who look like 'social service' workers going in there, that it might actually be a non-announced halfway house. The residents all fit the profile, drunk, drugs, no jobs, weird comings and goings, single younger guys with parents visiting on weekends. All adds up to maybe this is where they stick them to keep track. Don't think it's a rehab because nobody ever 'recovers'. They just move out eventually. Ugh!